6 Ways to Be Fit and Have Fun in The Palm Beaches

March 22, 2018

Fitness is natural in this tropical paradise

Your health can have a lot to do with the environment around you. Being somewhere with plenty of sunshine, clean air, and outdoor activities naturally encourages good health. The Palm Beaches are perfect for healthy fun and fitness, with golden beaches, miles of natural hiking trails, golf, tennis, and even horseback riding available year-round.

That’s why national media outlets are taking notice of The Palm Beaches as a place to get healthy and stay fit. Trulia.com selected West Palm Beach and surrounding communities as part of their “fit list” areas, where having physical fun is the way of life.

What do The Palm Beaches offer the fitness-seeking visitor? Almost too much to count, but here’s a list of some of the most popular activities that do a body good.


 Put that paddle to work – canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding nearly anywhere!

The Palm Beaches have a wealth of inlets, rivers and coastline for those wanting to explore with paddle in hand. From the beautiful Loxahatchee River to stunning -green sea and adjacent waterways, few places offer an unending source of great exercise and entertainment like The Palm Beaches.


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Walk, swing, repeat – golf is the link to fitness on the fairway.

With 160 golf courses, The Palm Beaches are the perfect way to take in a quick 9 as a work out or play a full 18 holes for a day out in the sun and fresh air. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from, pick the one that best suits your ability and playing style.


Pedal along the beach – get the tropical wind to your back.

The Palm Beaches boast miles and miles of flat beachside roads perfect for a fast ride by the sea. Rent a bike or bring your own to check out nearly any part of the area’s 47 miles of golden beaches. A ride in the wild is also available, with many long riding trails available in local parkland, trails and preserves.

A runner’s paradise – from beachside paths to trails deep in the Glades.

There is no off-season for running in The Palm Beaches. The moderate climate of the tropics limits temperature extremes, so a solid run is always possible no matter the time of year. Pick the scenery for your workout – a lakeside run through Palm Beach, or a walk along a twisting path through a natural preserve.


Team games score big time in The Palm Beaches.

Get outside and get some game when you’re soaking in the sunshine! The Palm Beaches are ready to supply nearly any gaming need. The area is a center for great tennis, volleyball, and even croquet, which calls West Palm Beach the home of its national association.  If it happens outside, it probably happens in The Palm Beaches.


Find fitness with friends – lots of friends.

Staying fit is more fun when you do it with friends. The Palm Beaches have several events for a crowd workout, like FreshFest in February, District Fit at CityPlace in March, and LagoonFest in November.  Each of these events has workout classes and gatherings where you can learn new techniques, try new workout styles and meet a whole lot of people at the same time.  And when friends aren’t enough, you can sign up for Kitten Yoga and Zen out along side cute baby kittens or head out to the great outdoors for a session of goat yoga. That’s right, yoga with tiny baby goats!  Check the events calendar for exact dates and times.

The Palm Beaches are the place to stay fit and have fun doing it. Come play hard, and then relax in this tropical setting! Thinking of a fun itinerary in The Palm Beaches? Use our interactive trip planner.

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