Ale Trail of The Palm Beaches: The Best Way to Explore Craft Beer in South Florida

April 4, 2019

Meet the new Ale Trail of The Palm Beaches, and drink it all in.

Ale Trail of The Palm Beaches logo

There’s nothing better on a warm day than a cold beer, so with favorable weather year-round—and a whopping 19 breweries that call our sun-soaked beaches home—creating the Ale Trail of The Palm Beaches was a no-brainer.

The local craft beer scene has quietly been gaining steam, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. The map gives you the inside information so you can explore the trail as you please: tour brewing operations, discover shady patio spots and find your new favorite brew. It’s the definitive guide to grabbing a cold one.

What’s in a Mug

The Ale Trail of The Palm Beaches introduces you to our 19 breweries by location. Starting in the north, the trail winds down to the southern edge of Palm Beach County, stopping at craft breweries all along the way.

Craft Breweries in Palm Beaches Florida

Check out brewery specialties, like small-batch craft lagers, tropical IPAs and Belgian-style ales. And perhaps most handy, the guide’s key shows which breweries are pet-friendly, have outdoor patios, include a full-service restaurant and more. 

Local Brews

Maybe it’s the palm trees and sea breezes, a slower pace, or the mild year-round weather, but craft beer in South Florida has its own style. Much of the craft beer brewed in The Palm Beaches stays in The Palm Beaches, and brewers have a keen eye for quality, serving their best. No matter the effort or cost, visitors get a taste of something that’s truly local. So savor your beer here—you might not be able to find it anywhere else.

More than a Drink

It starts with good beer ... but it's also so much more. Many breweries in The Palm Beaches offer tours of the facilities, and at some places the brewmaster is also behind the bar chatting with customers. On the Ale Trail, you’ll find live entertainment, outdoor patios and even kid-friendly options.

The Ale Trail of The Palm Beaches

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or a casual connoisseur, there’s something new to discover in South Florida’s breweries. Raise your glass, 'cause it's cheers to craft beer!     

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