Beauty and the Beach – a guide to having fun and staying beautiful in The Palm Beaches

June 1, 2018

Look as revitalized as you feel after a seaside vacation

A few days of sun and fun will certainly re-energize the soul, and there’s no better place to enjoy a tropical break than The Palm Beaches. There are some helpful tips you can follow to make sure your hair, skin and nails are as rejuvenated as your inner self.

There are simple steps you can take to preserve and protect skin and hair.
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After a day in and around the water, it’s important to make sure you keep your skin hydrated. Florida’s natural humidity and sunny days can dry out your skin, which is one of the leading factors in aging. To keep your skin looking as young as you feel, there are some simple steps to take.

“First, get rid of soap,” says Nancy Reagan, owner of Bella Reina Spa in Delray Beach. “Soap is bad. It hurts the skin’s pH and accelerates damage. We suggest using a cleanser that helps to replenish the loss of moisture. Use a creamy cleanser or a low-foam gel cleanser. A lipid serum will help hold in the moisture as it replaces what the humid air takes away.”

The warm tropical air can actually remove moisture from your skin.
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It seems strange to think tropical air can pull moisture from your skin, but Nancy says it does: “It’s actually called TEWL – TransEpidermal Water Loss – where the water escapes your body because the humidity is high. Using replenishing skin products will restore your skin’s moisture and keep it looking young.”

We all know how important it is to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure. Using the correct sunscreen is a great start, but there’s more to selecting the right product than looking at the SPF value. It is important to select a formula that has only the cleanest ingredients to nurture the skin.

  Clean ingredients are also important to the environment, since compounds like oxybenzone will damage local reefs and marine life. “When you go swimming, snorkeling and fishing, it is important to avoid products with oxybenzone to protect the ocean,” says Nancy. “Every local fisherman knows you hurt your chances of catching a fish if you get sunscreen on your lines!”

Watching the clock is important when avoiding too much sun. Use a timer to limit exposure to just a few minutes, and don’t rely on how your skin feels as a gauge of how much sun you’re getting. If you’re starting to feel burned, it’s probably too late. Increase your beach time by wearing a hat, sitting under an umbrella or wearing SPF-rated clothing like those made by Coolibar. You’ll feel much more comfortable, and you’ll still get a bronzed glow.

Hair, hands and feet should get extra attention to keep them as beautiful as a tropical sunrise.
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Wearing a hat at the beach is a stylish option for sun protection. You’ll do your hair a great deal of good by shielding it from overexposure. You can get a jump on conditioning your hair while you’re at the beach: “Conditioning your hair while still at the beach is a great idea,” says Nancy, “especially if you use an oil like Moroccan Oil. Remember, you need to protect your scalp where you part your hair, so a hat should be part of everyone’s beach outfit.”

Finally, hands and feet need to be looked after if a glamourous beach look is desired. A fabulous nail polish is essential, and it’s important to give extra love to cuticles. Keep your feet looking their very best by keeping them moisturized, too. “Salt water and sand can ‘zap’ out the moisture from your feet,” says Nancy. “An application of moisturizer after you shower will keep skin glowing.”

Nail polishes can be made of chemicals that are dangerous for you and the environment. The sparkle used in most glittery products is made from microplastics that can find their way into the sea water, and eventually into fish. A product that’s safer for everyone is a vegan polish that stands up to the rigors of the sand and surf and has no damaging effects on the environment. Called Dazzle Dry Vegan Polish, it is a system that is non-toxic and claims to be good for your natural nails. Best of all, the polish can dry in just five minutes and lasts without UV light.

A few simple changes can help protect you and the environment.

These simple tips will keep you looking as good as you’ll feel while visiting The Palm Beaches. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the products and services mentioned here, call Bella Reina Spa at 855-360-3442 for more information and to schedule an appointment. Get everything The Palm Beaches have to offer, and return looking and feeling better than you’ve felt before.

This article was created with the assistance and financial support of Bella Reina Spa of Delray Beach, Florida.

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