Cool and Sweet Treats to Beat The Heat

A Guide to Being Cool and Sweet in The Palm Beaches

The perfect companion to a warm tropical day is a scoop of ice cream. Every child who has savored a delightfully overstuffed cone packed with their favorite flavor will agree that a trip to an ice-cream shop is essential to surviving a sunny day. The Palm Beaches is the perfect place to experience ice cream bliss, so here is a list of locations that specialize in tasty frozen confections.

Gelato Grotto – Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.


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Nestled along a quiet block of storefronts in Legacy Place is Gelato Grotto. Swing the door wide and be greeted by a huge glass case filled with colorful gelato flavors. Each tall peak of frozen confection is made fresh the same day you enjoy it. Free tastes are a must to sample the ever-changing menu of flavors. Coffee drinkers will delight in the selection of espressos and latte drinks available, and two-fisted foodies will enjoy a gelato and espresso at the same time!
Hoffman’s Chocolate Factory – Greenacres, Fla.  

This popular South Florida chocolate company all begin here in 1975. Today, visitors can enjoy chocolate, fudge, ice cream and shakes while they view the factory workers in action. Open the door and you’ll be treated to the hypnotizing odor of delicious chocolate. This shouldn’t be surprising, because Hoffman’s has over 70 different kinds of chocolate waiting in huge display cases.  Pick from a wide selection of ice cream flavors and have some delicate chocolate shavings sprinkled on top. Don’t forget to pick up some chocolate for later!
La Gelateria della Musica – Boca Raton, Fla.

There’s something unassuming about this little bit of Italy, located in the heart of Boca Raton. While La Gelateria della Musica sports a decidedly Floridian address, its style, looks, and spirit are that of faraway Milan. Step under the Mizer-inspired tile roof, and it feels as if you’ve embarked on a trip to Italy. Surfaces are polished steel and chrome, kept impeccably clean, along with the sparkling white floors and walls – sure to put you in a European mood. The cases are packed with an array of gelato flavors, some paying homage to the old country, others bowing to pop stars like Madonna (peanut butter) and Jon Bon Jovi (yogurt with honey, hazelnut, and pistachios), with special flavors added when occasion warrants. The store’s goal is to bring the flavors and aromas of the old country to Boca Raton. With direct lineage back to sister stores in Italy, it is certain this gelato delivers the sweetness of a lazy walk through the Italian countryside.
La Michoacana Natural – Lake Worth & West Palm Beach, Fla

Inspired by the old world paletas of Latin America, this unassuming shop brings Mexican “Paletas” to Palm Beach County. With natural flavors, these hand-crafted ice cream and fruit bars come in a variety of flavors, including coco de crema, arroz, pistachio, cappuccino, mango and more. The creamy, fully flavored ice creams and fresh fruit bars are packed with the traditional flavors of Latin America and made with very best ingredients available.
Palm Beach Ice Cream – Jupiter, Fla.


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Tucked quietly in two separate retail plazas is Palm Beach Ice Cream. The tidy little Jupiter shop in Jupiter doesn’t call attention to itself with flashing signs or catchy slogans, because it doesn’t have to: the ice cream does it for them. Since 1985, Palm Beach Ice Cream has been serving up cones and dishes of truly remarkable ice cream, the kind so wonderfully creamy that it looks like whipped taffy and tastes like heaven. The portions are generous, a throwback from a time past where a single scoop was intended to be a truly satisfying delight for the most enthusiastic appetite. Palm Beach Ice Cream is all about what’s in the cone, and one visit here will have you immediately planning your return. They are also located in Tequesta, about 10 minutes away from their Jupiter location.
Sant Ambroeus Palm Beach – Palm Beach, Fla.


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A short detour from Palm Beach’s relaxing Lake Trail will bring you to Sant Ambroeus, known for the very finest Italian gelatos and pastries.  You’re greeted by rich, warm wood paneling and gleaming display cabinets packed with sweet delicacies from the old country. Step up to the beautiful marble counter and select gelato carefully made fresh every day.  The taste and richness is sublime and hard to beat.  Take a moment to enjoy your treat inside, or continue on your walk around this beautiful corner of paradise.
Sloan’s Ice Cream – West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Standing out like a neon-colored gumdrop on the Downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront, Sloan’s Ice Cream shop on Clematis Street looks like Willy Wonka’s tropical getaway. One can imagine Oompah-Loompas inside the pink and green striped building, as the prevailing whimsical atmosphere carries you through the door. The black and white tile floor creates a yesteryear mosaic, the red walls are edged in gold leaf and covered in fanciful art. Teddy bears relax on the shelves, and Mona Lisa smiles as she holds an enormous ice cream cone. The menu seems to cater to every child-like excess, with creations like “Flower Child” (a real flower pot packed with 3 scoops of ice cream and crumbled Oreo cookie “soil”) and “Tracy’s Kitchen Sink” (a full 12 scoops of ice cream and every available topping … served in a real sink). Make Sloan’s a stop either in West Palm Beach, or at one of the three other locations in The Palm Beaches.
Sprinkles Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop – Palm Beach, Fla.


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A few minutes inside Sprinkles, and you’ll understand the casual yet unique lifestyle of old Palm Beach. Under slowly spinning fans are traditional drugstore cake displays and wicker baskets brimming with cookies. Celebrity photos adorn the tropical green walls and advertise the fact that stars like Michael Jackson and Susan Lucci have enjoyed a visit here. Pick a cone and favorite flavor, then relax in overstuffed chairs up front, or sit outside and watch traffic roll down one of America’s most exclusive addresses, Royal Poinciana Way.
Tropical Sno – Juno Beach, Fla.

Every childhood day spent on the beach can have a happy and sweet ending. After endless play in surf and sand, the perfect close requires a stop for something sweet to revive the spirit. Tropical Sno seems designed for such a purpose, just a short drive from Juno Beach Park. Step up to the counter, and the smiling server will guide you through a sea of tempting flavors and sizes. The fine ice crystals are shaved away from a solid block and then drenched in the favor of your choice: pick from choices like coconut and mango all the way to outrageous bubblegum or blue raspberry. Tropical Sno will even custom-mix flavors to satisfy your every snowy whim. After the beach or anytime, Tropical Sno is standing by to keep you cool and happy.

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