Featured Itinerary: Music Scene according to music aficionado Steev Rullman

Featured UTrip Itinerary in The Palm Beaches: Music Scene according music aficionado, Steev Rullman Slideshow

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Boca Raton South Beach Pavilion

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Wakodahtchee Wetlands

West Palm Beach skyline

West Palm Beach Skyline

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There’s quite a hubbub in The Palm Beaches, and we think you’re going to like how it sounds. With the guidance of our Local Expert and longtime Palm Beaches music aficionado, Steev Rullman, we’ll take you to some of the best places to hear the soulful sounds of Palm Beach County—and show you a few places that may inspire you to write a few pieces for your own quiver of songs. From some of Steev’s favorite bands like Chaucer, Sweet Bronco, and John Ralston to other local and international acts, you’ll be basking in sonic glory in no time flat (or sharp, for that matter). 

Day 1

What better way to start off a trip than with a tasty cup of joe? Swing by Harold’s Coffee for a cup of caffeinated perfection, and be on your way to explore the Palm Beaches. Now that you’re all fueled up and ready to go, check out the Grassy Waters Nature Preserve. So maybe it’s not what you think of when you think of a music hotspot, but everyone needs a muse, right?  
Next you’ll probably want to head to Downtown West Palm Beach for a heaping dose of local culture. Whether you decide to shop, duck into a cafe, or just meander and do a spot of people watching, you won’t have too much trouble passing the time and soaking up local culture. What’s a music-centered trip without a little Hullabaloo? Well, this might not be exactly what you had in mind, but this Italian gastropub will raise quite a ruckus with your taste buds—in a good way, of course.

Now it’s time for your first dose of Palm Beach County’s music, and you’re in for a double dose of supreme sonic bliss—and some tasty drinks as well. First up: Respectable Street, a much-loved local spot with live music, outdoor seating, and accompanying hipness in spades.  Copper Blues, a live music spot dripping with cocktails and craft beer.  

Day 2

Start off your second day with another romp through some stunning Florida wilderness—well, specifically the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. You can expect everything from flora to wildlife, all from the comfort of raised walkways.  

After sampling some pristine Florida wetland, you may want to check something a little less feral out. If that’s the case, head to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, which highlights Japanese culture and history, and serves up zen, peace, and tranquility in spades. There’s even an authentic Japanese teahouse and villa (where you’ll find a few thousand pieces of Japanese art).  

After all of this tranquility in the Florida sunshine, you’ll almost certainly be in need of refreshment, and thankfully we have just the place: Saltwater Brewery. On top of making some of the best brew in all of Palm Beach County, they also give back a portion of their profits to benefit maritime charities. If you needed an excuse to have another beer, we’d say that’s about as good as they come. Then head a few blocks over and grab some downright tasty grub at Tryst. You’ll be swimming in culinary delights aplenty—and you haven’t even gone out yet.  
Nighttime comes with a bit of a split personality tonight. But we think you’ll enjoy it. First, head to Dada for some cocktails and a bit of live music. And after you’ve had something a little fancy, head over to Vintage Tap for a bit more of the same, but with craft beer and a roadhouse vibe.  

Day 3

You’ve made it. You’ve hit your stride. And now you’re in for a scenic tour of Palm Beach County, so check out EmKo to get your day going on the right foot. On top of being an art gallery, it’s also a cafe, so you can get some grub and check out some pretty amazing displays while you’re at it.  

So, what could be the perfect thing to follow an art gallery/cafe? Well, what about free croquet lessons? And this is the real deal, so come prepared to be a little classy (and have a lot of fun, of course). Sure it’s a little unexpected, but why not give it a whack?!  

Alright. Now down to business: to The Amp Shop! Whether you were hoping for a vintage amp to take home as a souvenir or not is irrelevant; you should go just to soak in the warm, over-driven goodness—even if you can’t tell a 6L6 from a 5Y3.   It’s been a big day: you’ve learned how to play croquet like a pro (in theory, at least), and you might’ve just splurged on a new amp (or found a new amp crush).
What to do next? Treat yourself! Grab a bite to eat at Howley’s, and savor everything that just happened—and whatever you ordered, too.  

After you’ve had your fill of new takes on nostalgia, you should head down to Downtown Lake Worth and have a good meander. There’s plenty to check out while you’re here, but if you need a suggestion, head to Top 5 Records. And for dinner, just head to The Taco Lady. She’ll take care of you.   And for your nocturnal itinerary, you’re in for more treats around Downtown Lake Worth—namely, Propaganda and Bamboo Room.

While Propaganda is much more of a venue, Bamboo Room is a sort of tiki bar with a stage stuck on it. Regardless, both are some of the best places in all of The Palm Beaches to catch a show.  

Day 4

Oh man, we almost forgot! You’ll probably want to go to a beach while you’re here! Good thing there’s plenty to choose from. Try the Boca Raton South Beach Pavilion. It’s a great place to get some sand between your toes.  

Next up, Mizner Park. Part neighborhood, part shopping center, and definite must-do, there’s so much to check out! And even if you’re not into shopping, there’s plenty of people watching to be done.   Alright. It’s your last night. So we’re going to mix it up.

For starters, Funky Biscuit. It’s got it all: live music (some of the best around), solid drinks, and quality bar bites. But you might want to go easy on the food because your next stop is Kapow Noodle Bar, where you’ll have a hard time not raving about the ramen—or anything else you may want to order.

Finally, end the night right at Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery. It’s the perfect mix of live tunes, lounging space, and delicious beer. They say it’s best to end with a bang, but we think ending with a beer is just as good.

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