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Throughout the year, Discover The Palm Beaches will be advertising in a variety of international markets. In an effort to simplify the variety of options offered for co-op this year, we have built packages by country. These packages bundle several programs together for one discounted price. Ad Hoc programs can also be purchased at your discretion.

Contact Rebekah Bouch for details and sales [email protected]. 407.849.0100



Target audience for this year's domestic consumer campaign:

  • Families and couples aged 25-54, female skew
  • Household income $75,000+ (US)
  • Interest in traveling to Florida

Campaign Timing: Dec 4, 2017 – Apr 1, 2018
Geography: UK


A social media platform that helps businesses reach their goals by targeting a specific audience. Partners will be included in newsfeed and right column ad units across desktop and mobile targeted to key audiences in the UK.

  • Max Number of Partners: 5
  • Estimated Partner Impressions: 643,184
  • Cost: $1,923.12


Sojern's access to 100MM+ traveler profiles along with their ability to identify intent in travelers’ behaviors, including travel preferences and past trips, will allow DTPB to follow consumer search and book patterns to influence decisions and destination choice. Partners will receive digital banners on display and mobile.

  • Max Number of Partners: 5
  • Estimated Partner Impressions: 1,103,448
  • Cost: $6,400


Targets repeat visitors to the US and focuses on prior visitation history to find more consumers like them. In the UK their issues are a combination of subscription and newsstand. Their “expanded reach issues” are distributed in The Telegraph and reach those in the key demographics for travel to the US. Partner receives ¼ share of voice in Feb 2018 full-page print ad.

  • Max Number of Partners: 2
  • Estimated Partner Impressions: 100,000
  • Cost: $1,500

Co-op advertising opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadlines are rolling, but for best opportunities book now! As more opportunities become available, we will be updating this website with additional co-op buys. Rates quoted are for Discover the Palm Beaches members. Non-members, please add 10% to the quoted cost.

Contact Rebekah Bouch for details and sales [email protected]. 407.849.0100


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