Glass Blowing Classes for 2

1105 2nd Avenue South
Lake Worth, FL 33460
May 29, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020
  • Galleries & Studios

Glass Blowing/Sculpting Classes:  Every Friday & Saturday - Only $130 for 2 people

  • Class schedule is 10 am to 4 pm on the hour.  This class is 1 hour in length.  Each person works one-on-one with a glass artist to make their own creation!  You have 5 objects to choose to make.  
  • Work with the artist to choose your colors & have an artist make your creation for your home.  The artist will narrate as you watch your special piece come to life!  Call for details.

Flame-working Classes: Every Saturday - Only $65 per person

  • Class schedule is 10 am & 1 pm.  This class is 2 hours in length.  Each person works with the glass artist to create a pendant and bead or small object.  Can take up to 3 people per class.  This is a great introduction to using a small torch and creating something unique!  Call for details. 

All who enter the Benzaiten Center must wear a face covering/mask and have an appointment.  Call to discuss, schedule & pay at 561-508-7315.  View our website at

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