Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Welcome to The Palm Beaches

Rooted in the belief that travel fosters understanding and appreciation toward people and cultures, Discover The Palm Beaches strives to cultivate a tourism experience that is reflective of its Community and where all visitors always feel welcome.

Palm Beach County is a collection of thirty-nine different and distinct municipalities.  These cities, villages, and towns represent a myriad of people of different races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, socioeconomic status, abilities, and more.  Discover The Palm Beaches celebrates and embraces all these communities. We’re committed to showcasing the unique attributes of businesses and residents throughout Palm Beach County and proactively strive to be a welcoming, nurturing, accepting, and inclusive community for all who work, live and visit.

Our areas of focus are:

Marketing, Content & Sales
Ensure that our messaging is reflective of the community we serve, and the content is inviting to and inclusive of all regardless of race, gender, abilities, and more.
Staffing & Recruitment
Ensure that an inclusive mindset permeates the organization and is foundational to who we are. The expertise, values, and perspectives of a diverse staff and inclusive organization are fundamental to our success and will assist in expanding the reach and impact of our advocacy, marketing, and educational efforts.  Discover The Palm Beaches is an equal opportunity employer.
Industry/Community Relations

Ensure that we support the advancement of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive mindset in the community we serve through internal and external initiatives such as mentoring programs, corporate social responsibility projects/programs, presentations, and volunteer efforts to raise awareness and empower the vulnerable groups in our community.  

Culture/Internal Communication

Ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are built into the company cultural and corporate framework of the organization and establish consistent communication and accountability standards that build trust and transparency amongst team members and our board of governance.