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Joe Cotton Band

This event occurred in the past
Oct 14, 2023
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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94 NE 2nd Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33444

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The Joe Cotton Band is Classic Rock and Americana blended into unforgettable, fresh melodies & Original songs that sound so familiar, you would swear you’ve been listening to them your whole life. Park your Rock & Rolls at Arts Garage and join the Joe Cotton Band for an evening of toe tapping good times!

Joe Cotton- I have been involved in music, almost, my entire life. I can remember singing, Hard Day’s Night, in our driveway, in Cherry Hill, NJ, long before I even knew what a Beatle was. Apparently, their pop sensibility left an impression. In 2017 I was introduced to music industry attorney Richard Warren Rappaport. He became my biggest fan and was more passionate and positive about my career than anyone I had met thus far. Sadly, Richard passed away in December of that same year and I miss him every day. Just before he left, he introduced me to my future and I’m sure he’s still grinning about it.

Richard took me to meet with Record Producer, Rudy Perez (Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony) who in turn, brought me to his incredibly talented son and Producer, Chris Price (Emitt Rhodes, Jeffrey Gaines). With Chris and the brilliant cast of characters he is surrounded by, I released the album, My Place on February 14th, 2020.

Jack Schulman & Local music and video producer as well as multi-talented musician, Jack can do it all!

Ed Flak & Guitar player from the Delray music scene, Ed has been involved with Joe Cotton tunes for over ten years.

Joe Mateka & The heartbeat of the Joe Cotton Band & Another longtime local drummer and contributor to the vibe, Joe has also been performing with Joe Cotton for more than 10 years.

Bill Harts & The “new guy” is a master musician from New York who can play with the very best of them (and has) and recently joined the JCB.

Joe Cotton (Steve Martel) & Vocals, Guitars
Ed Flak & Guitar, Vocals
Jack Schulman & Bass, Vocals
Joe Mateka & Drums, Vocals
Bill Harts & Keyboards, Vocals


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