The New Normal: COVID Times

415 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
May 20, 2021 to July 30, 2021
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Culled from the 2021 edition of The Year in Pictures 2020: Apocalypse NOW, the acclaimed annual movie produced by the founder of ZUMA Wire Service, Scott Mc Kiernan, who also curated this exhibition of award-winning photography by ZUMA Press photojournalists from around the world. The new exhibition will present the “Pictures of the Year” in sports, entertainment and news—the visual story of 2020, starting at the beginning of The Lost Year, and running all the way to the final days of Limbo Year. 

“Come see images that need to be seen, spanning the planet,” invites NeJame. “These are moments in time that will stop you in your tracks and stay with you forever, as the photographers’ unique talent and skills bring you to the heart of the matter at hand, with grace, respect and chilling honesty.” 

COVID Times captures humanity at its darkest hours and witnesses others rise above and beyond, showing that hope never dies,” adds Mc Kiernan. “Thanks to these courageous photographers on the frontlines of history, we can see and share the good, bad and beautiful of it all at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre Museum.”

 The exhibition will feature more than 60 top award-winning pictures by photojournalists worldwide, including this year’s POYi (Pictures of the Year International) Competition’s1st place winner of Sports Action, and the Award of Excellence for Spot News. The oldest and the most prestigious photojournalism program and competition in the world, POYi’s mission is to recognize excellence in documentary photography and photojournalism.

 The New Normal exhibition also includes the 3rd Place, Sports Action winner of the 2020 AIPS Sport Media Awards, as well as eight of the pictures that won a Communication Arts Magazine 2021 Photography Competition Award.

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