The Spa Dress

500 Egret Circle
Suite 8406
Delray Beach, FL 33444
The Spa DressThe Spa Dress Spatober Image
Need a refresh? Grab your pearls and start with “Palm Beach Pearly White.” White is said to aid in mental clarity, in the cleansing and clearing of emotional clutter. Use promo code: PALMBEACH should you wish to secure a second purchase for a sister friend. The third is #free as “gift to self.” All other moods of The Spa Dress® are in pre-order. Use promo code: SPATOBER for early bird special arriving in time for a “New Year, New You.” Includes membership in our sisterhood of the traveling spa dress, likened to the book-to-film "The Traveling Pants" but in a dress.

Use promo code PALMBEACH for buy 2 get 1 free
Use promo code SPATOBER for an early bird pricing of $69.99
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