Event Underwriting Process

Understand how the program works 

Please read our standard terms & conditions, required acknowledgements, and about what in-kind support Discover The Palm Beaches provides you.
Standard Terms & Conditions
 1. Complete the SETUP application a minimum of 60-days before the start of your event.
 Approval of funds depends on your application, our evaluation process, and the remaining dollars available in the budget. You are encouraged to present supporting material for your event. (Examples include marketing/media plans, social media engagement, sponsors, demographics, attendance, event features, and future plans.)
 2. For events supported by a Co-Op campaign, a post-event report should present backup material related to the campaign: invoices, post-campaign report, ad examples, recordings, or videos. While Events receiving Direct Investment require detailed proof and examples of customized sponsorship benefits.
 3. Payment from DTPB happens only after event completion. The process may take up 90 days.
 4. Events occurring during the off-peak seasons of October to November & April to September receive special consideration.
 5. Event producers may only apply once per DTPB Fiscal Year (October to September). Producers may seek funding for a package of events. (Example: you want us to support a package of holiday events happening first in December, then July.)  In those cases, DTPB will evaluate the combination and award one investment.