What to expect 

Here is rundown on how we make a decision for underwriting and amount of time it may take.
There may be additional steps created or even steps removed along the way. 

  • Event producer meets with Director, Content & Event Marketing
  • Event producer completes and submits application
  • DTPB staff receives application
  • Internal DTPB review begins, takes up to 14 business days to complete
  • Marketing & Leisure Sales Team decides if Special Event Review Panel should make an evaluation and recommendation
  • Panelists independently review and analyzes the application and support material
  • Full Panel convenes to give the event a final score and make a recommendation
  • Recommendation is forwarded to both the Senior Vice-President for Marketing & Leisure Sales, and then President & CEO for final approval
  • DTPB staff contacts Event Producer with results
  • If approved for investment, Event Producer meets with DTPB staff to discuss SETUP contract with terms of Co-Op or Direct Investment
  • SETUP Contract is finalized and signed
  • Within 30 business days of event completion, Event Producer submits Final Report - along with proof of underwriting benefits and invoice
  • DTPB staff reviews Final Report, proof of underwriting benefits, invoice - submits request to Finance for funds disbursement