We offer two types of underwriting 

Events producers may apply for either cooperative advertising (Co-Op) or direct investment. Please read both descriptions to see what works for your event.
Cooperative Advertising (Co-Op)
Co-Op has proven successful leveraging partner advertising dollars to amplify reach and attract new attendees. In this option, DTPB acts as a consultant and assists in managing the advertising campaign.  DTPB will share in the cost of paid advertising. The message and creative will promote your event, and will include the DTPB logo. All campaigns must be out-of-county, and examples include digital, broadcasting, or print.
Direct Investment
DTPB underwrites events offering a specific Underwriting Package (or Sponsorship Package) with select benefits. When applying for this funding, the Package offered must be customizable to meet the marketing objectives of DTPB and demonstrate how DTPB will have a presence at the event.