CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show

Various locations in Lake Worth, FL

Art in Downtown
Watch captivating landscapes of colossal murals and installations come alive in real time at this museum without walls event. This contemporary and interactive outdoor art show engages the mind and body in throughout downtown Lake Worth.
The Birth of Beauty
Championing art in public and centered on the theme of Unity, this Lake Worth art event brings together the most innovative contemporary artists and art influencers. Experience this monumental show come to life as superior artists create and then unveil their work on select building throughout Lake Worth.


Canvas Trio

Be an Insider
Want to see more outdoor art in downtown Lake Worth? Why not attend the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. And it isn't just about the artist and chalk, it's also about food and music. Enjoy a mixed genre of talents on stage and sample the food famous at a recognized street festival. Are you a budding artist? Would you like to show off your talents? All you need bring is your enthusiasm to create, because participation and admission are free

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