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Ready to work on your health and fitness, but don't know where to start? Let the experienced trainers at Fitness Together guide you using Function Movements to gain strength, balance, stability, agility and flexibility. We'll go through an extensive evaluation and physical assessment to understand exactly what you want your life to look like. We'll get an understanding of what you've done in the past that's worked, what hasn't and what's holding you back from meeting your goals. We'll create three customized workouts specific to your goals, challenges and limitations. Then the fun begins!

Imagine having your own private suite to work out in along with a detail orientated professional trainer guiding you to be the best, healthiest you!!! Turn back the hands of time. Move easier, have more balance, stability, endurance and agility to do all the things you love to do and/or want to get back to doing.

Kick start your journey to a healthier you with 3 personal training sessions plus the Signature Fit Evaluation and Functional Movement assessment for only $199. ($475 value. First time clients only).
Come to Fitness Together where you come for the training and stay for the results!
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Ever wonder what foods you should be eating to be the healthiest you? Struggling with digestive issues, insomnia, inflammation or skin issues like psoriasis?
Symptoms are our bodies natural alarm system telling us 'something isn't functioning properly'. Taking an over the counter medication may calm down the symptom temporarily, but they don't go away for good.
Fact: The food you're eating, (or not eating) could be the major culprit of daily nagging symptoms. Find out what foods/nutrients your body is really craving and feel symptoms disappear. The Optimal Immunity and Wellness report looks at 16 body systems and highlights exactly what foods to eat to feel your best. No blood, no needles, and no fasting.
So how do we do it? You see, your hair holds Epigenetic information which can be accessed using our S-drive technology so you can find out where your body needs nutritional support. It is as accurate as blood work, urine and stool sample or saliva tests.

And get'll get the results in less than one hour, and our on-staff Integrative Nutrition Health Specialist will go over the report with you and answer any questions you have. You'll leave with a 90-day guide and a complete report you can refer to so you can stay on track.

Enjoy the Spatober savings and enjoy Optimal Immunity and Wellbeing for only $275. (Retail $450)
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