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Between The Sessions: Sustainability

Between-The-Sessions: Bring Sustainability Into Meetings & Events

Host a meeting in The Palm Beaches with sustainability in mind and make a difference.

The Palm Beaches are a leading destination in terms of sustainability. Throughout its 39 cities and towns, the destination offers a wide variety of options for groups to be a part of those conservation efforts and to gather in environmentally conscious spaces.

  • The Palm Beaches are a Gold LEED-Certified destination, a demonstration of the destination’s commitment to sustainability by reflecting best-in-class green building strategies, practices, and materials.
  • Being a founding member of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, Palm Beach continuously strives to reduce its per-person greenhouse gas emissions, which is already half the nation’s average.
  • The GBAC STAR™ Accredited Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach is dedicated to heightened recycling, waste reduction, and energy-conservation efforts, with FPL Solar Trees generating emission-free energy and more.
  • The City of West Palm Beach was one of the first cities in the State of Florida to have an Office of Sustainability to address climate change, sustainability and resiliency issues. The Office of Sustainability collaborates with various city agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and private citizens among other partners to enhance the viability of the municipality as a model of healthy, environmentally progressive, resilient and ecologically sustainable, urban living.
Palm Beach County Convention Center
Palm Beach County Convention Center


Sustainable Lodging

The Breakers in Palm Beach boasts an EPA Green Power Partner stamp of approval, Hilton West Palm Beach earned The Green Key award, while The Seagate Hotel and Spa and The Ray Hotel are both LEED-Certified. These hotels are just a few of the 13 others that are part of Florida Green Lodging, an initiative of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that designates and recognizes lodging facilities that make a voluntary commitment to conserve and protect Florida's natural resources.

Pool Hilton West Palm Beach
Hilton West Palm Beach


Sustainable Local Companies

  The Palm Beaches boast numerous eco-friendly local companies.

  • 4Ocean is a company headquartered in Boca Raton and known for its bead bracelets with a cause. With the mission of ending the ocean plastic crisis, the company has removed 11M+ pounds of plastic from oceans and coastlines worldwide.
  • Swank Specialty Produce offers a large set-up of rotating seasonal produce from Swank Farm, providing farm-fresh, locally grown ingredients for restaurants while promoting self-sufficiency and wellness.
  • Tellus Products is the best option for recycled dining alternatives for meetings’ breakouts. This company produces plant-based dinnerware and packaging, including plates, bowls, trays, and other tableware. These sustainable products are made in South Florida from local upcycled sugarcane fiber and are compostable.
  • Hope Water is a social enterprise committed to growing access to clean drinking water. Purchasing Hope Water’s bottled water for group meetings means helping communities around the world have access to clean drinking water.
  • Saltwater Brewery manufactures and utilizes only bio-degradable 6-pack rings for its beer cans. The rings are made from wheat and barley which dissolve into fish food rather than harmful trash that normally ends up as beach pollution or marine life hazard.
Samples of food at Swank Farm
Courtesy of Swank Farm


Sustainable Activities

Let your attendees reconnect with the natural environments of The Palm Beaches by organizing outdoor sustainable team activities.

Sea Turtle at Loggerhead Marine Life Center
Loggerhead Marine Life Center

There is no end to the ways The Palm Beaches can make your next meeting and company event seamlessly sustainable. Every year, mindful groups remain attracted to not just The Palm Beaches’ natural beauty, but also to how the local community is committed to preserving the rich ecosystem and biodiversity for generations to come. Booking your group’s meeting in The Palm Beaches means the best in outdoor venues, event spaces, and world-class experiences set the tone for success—with sustainability in mind.