Lake Okeechobee and The Glades

Her Soil is Her Fortune

The Glades area is the Gateway to the Everglades and the starting point to explore Lake Okeechobee.

Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay (also known as "The Glades") is a major hub of the Florida Heartland, the state’s big-time agriculture territory  and has has long since been one the country’s top suppliers of sugar cane, vegetables, and fruits. There’s black gold here. Not the oil kind, but the soil. Everything and anything can grow in the famous, nutrient-rich dark soil. The locals call it "muck," and this muck has been golden over the years. 
Stop by the Lawrence E. Will Museum in Belle Glade to learn more about the area's remarkable history. The impressive Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center presents concerts, stage shows, and more.
For those looking for the ultimate in outdoor eco-experience in The Palm Beaches, the 110-mile Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail can be walked, hiked, mountain biked, rollerbladed or traveled by horseback. The Trail is known by many as LOST, but don’t worry – you won’t actually get lost! Three camping areas are available in The Palm Beaches’ portion of LOST, one in Pahokee, Belle Glade and in South Bay. Most of the Trail is on top of the 35-foot high Herbert Hoover Dike. Its height allows for excellent views and vistas of the lake. The Trail has a number of access points that can be used year-round, and it provides excellent opportunities for bird watching, fishing and photography. Drinking water is available on, or adjacent to the trail.

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