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10 Best Murals in The Palm Beaches

10 Best Murals in The Palm Beaches

Check out these must-see murals and discover The Palm Beaches’ public art scene.

The Palm Beaches are worldwide known for their pristine waters, idyllic beaches, golf courses, and fabulous resorts. But in the past few years, the area has also been building a separate reputation as one of the nation’s most dynamic hubs for mural art. Local, national, and international artists have enriched public spaces, streetscapes, and buildings with artworks inspired by The Palm Beaches’ diverse communities and natural beauties. With hundreds of colorful murals on display from Jupiter to Boca Raton, it’s difficult to list all of them. Here we have included our top 10 murals all around the region.


1. Spirit of Communication by Tristan Eaton, West Palm Beach

Spirit of Communication is an eye-catching giant mural that pays tribute to Alexander Graham Bell. Painted by artist Tristan Eaton, the mural includes hyper-realist details and graphic design elements created through freehand spray paint. Spirit of Communication is on the outside of the former headquarters of Southern Bell Telephone Company. Tristan was commissioned to paint a portrait of Alexander Graham Bell to commemorate the buildings history. The artwork is one of the largest murals in the country, as well as the largest mural of the artist, who took 12 days and 500 cans of spray paint to create the original 8,000 square foot mural.

Spirit of Communication
Courtesy of @OmarShinez


2. Murals at Harbourside Place, Jupiter

Nestled along Jupiter’s Intracoastal Waterway, Harbourside Place in Jupiter is a downtown destination for shopping, dining, luxury accommodations, entertainment, and boating. This unique venue boasts two cute murals that make the perfect background for your “Greetings from Jupiter” picture. One mural shows palm trees, pineapples and flowers painted with pastel colors, while the second mural shows big blue flowers and sea turtles. Check them out at Harbourside Place!

Mural at Harbourside in Jupiter
Courtesy of @TwoMiniDoodleBros


3. Einstein’s Theory of Love by Eduardo Kobra, West Palm Beach

Painted by Brazilian Street Artist Eduardo Kobra, this mural includes a photorealistic image of Albert Einstein perched on a stool with colorful light beams radiating out from him as if he were the sun. Einstein’s figure is in black and white, but the background and his clothes are painted using a combination of different brilliant colors and bold lines that recreate a sense of joy. The mural is in the alley west of Subculture Coffee, 509 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Grab a coffee next door at Subculture Coffee and sit outdoor in the patio while enjoying the view of Kobra’s mural.

Einstein's theory of Love mural


4. Art is the Center of the Earth by Jason Newsted, Tequesta

In 2019, the Lighthouse ArtCenter Gallery & School was given three months to raise funds to purchase the building they had been leasing for 21 years. To raise money for this cause, artist Newsted hosted two concerts and an art show at the center. He also donated 130 hours of his time to paint a mural titled Art is The Center of the Earth to raise awareness. The mural consists of glow-in-the-dark phrases and images, symbolizing that art is at the center of the world. You can find Newsted’s mural at the Lighthouse ArtCenter 3D Studio at 395 Seabrook Road, Tequesta.

Art is the center of earth mural
 Courtesy of Sue Snyder


5. Child Holding Seedlings by Eduardo Mendieta, Delray Beach

Designed and painted by artist Eduardo Mendieta in 2016, Child Holdings Seedlings is located on the western wall of the Delray Beach Tennis Center. The mural shows a black kid holding gravel and a seed that is sprouting slightly into a vibrant, colorful background. It was strategically painted on a wall that for years has delineated Delray’s downtown to the east and the largely black and Caribbean neighborhoods that have characterized the west side for decades. The mural was commissioned by the city’s Public Art advisory Board. 

Child holding seedlings mural
Courtesy of Delray DDA


6. I Lost My Shoe When I Saw You by Lonac, West Palm Beach

Located on the corner of Quadrille Blvd. and Clematis St., this mural depicts a story of children falling in love. The mural by Croatian artist Lonac is a tribute to the creative expression of childhood, which is represented by the book belt on the boy’s back and by the backpack with spray cans on the girl’s back. Through the representation of the butterflies flying out of the boy’s hat, the author also tells a story about childhood’s love. One curiosity: Lonac finished this impressive giant mural in only one week!

I lost my shoe when I saw you mural
Courtesy of @OmarShinez


7. On Stage by Eduardo Mendieta, Boca Raton

Completed in January 2021, On Stage by Eduardo Mendieta is one of the newest murals of the area. The 30-by-60-foot colorful artwork covers the stage door of the Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton. The mural created with only cans of spray paint features a yellow sun in between a musician playing a stand-up bass and a ballerina whose tutu is morphing into ocean waves. The colorful background includes Boca Raton’s old historic city hall. Through this piece of art, Mendieta perfectly reflected the spirit of Boca Raton’s art, history and culture.

On Stage mural


8. Lake Worth Beach City Hall Murals by Okuda, Lake Worth Beach

The City Hall building in Lake Worth Beach is a piece of art by artist Okuda. In his work, the artist used his distinctive style of geometric harmonies emboldened with intense colors. He painted rainbow geometric architectures that blend with organic shapes, bodies, and symbols of our universe. Check it out on the west-facing wall of the Lake Worth Beach City Hall Annex, 414 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth Beach.

Lake Worth Beach City Hall Murals


9. I Have a Dream by Eduardo Kobra, Lake Worth Beach

In Downtown Lake Worth Beach, you’ll find a wall-sized depiction of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., giving his “I Have a Dream” speech as painted by artist Eduardo Kobra. As in his Einstein’s Theory of Love, also in this mural the author uses a combination of black, white, and colors. This site is located on the south-facing wall of the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County (601 Lake Ave.), which hosts exhibits by local artists throughout the year.

Martin Luther King Jr Mural


10. Eris and the Golden Apple by Danny Donya, West Palm Beach

Eris and The Golden Apple is a mural in Downtown West Palm Beach painted by Miami-born artist Danny Donya. Located on the east side of The Alexander building, this seven-story mural depicts a mysterious moment in Greek mythology. The mural depicts Eris—the Greek goddess of discord—with bright green eyes, freckles, teal lips, and wavy hair. With her curious facial expression, Eris seems to be pondering a decision somehow connected to the shiny golden apple (The Golden Apple of Discord) she’s holding in her hand: Drop it or not? The mural highlights a rich story in Greek mythology connected with a crashed apple and the start of the Trojan War.

Eris and the golden apple


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