Weather… for the Love of Surfing

Hang ten in The Palm Beaches

The Palm Beaches are popular for beachgoers who enjoy calm, warm ocean waters, but adventure lovers who crave action say the destination’s waves are also ideal for surf enthusiasts who seek the perfect swell. Two West Palm Beach surfers love the sport so much, they’ve made their careers out of forecasting the weather conditions that contribute to the best surf.

“There’s nothing in the world like surfing,” says James Wieland, a meteorologist for WPTV NewsChannel 5. “My first surfing attempt was off the coastline of Boca Raton, and I was immediately hooked. I grew up riding the waves of South Florida. The experience brings you closer to nature than anything.”

Wieland surfs off the coast of Palm Beach Photo courtesy Jeff Biege

Wieland forecasts at WPTV NewsChannel 5

 Wieland says you can also see marine wildlife nearby. “You can see a lot of manatees in the winter,” he says. “We had some hang out with us for a while before moving on.”

“The water here is crystal clear, and the waves stay warm all year round,” Wieland says. “I know how lucky I am to be able to surf regularly here.”

James showcases beaches on his Instagram and Twitter accounts @SurfnWeatherman

Water temperatures stay in the 80s from May to November, and barely drop below 70 in the winter, thanks to The Palm Beaches’ closeness to the Gulf Stream current. It’s those warm temperatures that Kimberly Miller, weather reporter for The Palm Beach Post, enjoys the most about surfing in The Palm Beaches.

“You rarely have to wear a wet suit, and it’s a beginner-friendly area,” she says. “If you learn to surf on our waves, you can surf anywhere.”

Miller surfs off the coast of Palm Beach

Miller explains weather at The Palm Beach Post

Miller shares beach scenery on her Instagram @kmillerweather

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