Revitalize and Rejuvenate

1000 N Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Oct 1, 2018 to Oct 31, 2018
  • Med Spa

Cost: $99 per treatment

Revitalize and Rejuvenate with Bioage MD: Offering three advanced treatments for $99/each, the personalized techniques and treatments promote anti-aging and wellness.

  • Consultation with MD on staff + 5 Vitamin B12 Shots (Retail: $500)
  • Ozone Therapy - Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Various techniques have been suggested, with purported benefits including the treatment of cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis, among others. (Retail: $250)
  • 5 Infrared Sauna Sessions (30 minutes) - Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” home therapies for overall healthier living. (Retail: $400)

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