The Palm Beach County Convention Center Sustainability

Our staff is dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability which is actively communicated to our staff, clients and visitors.  The Following are the results of the implementation of our extensive sustainability program:

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  1. We collect and recycle 91,000 lbs. (45 ½ tons) of all manner of paper/cardboard materials from events, offices and Kitchen, annually.
  2. We actively recycle glass, bottles and cans, plus cooking oils and grease, toner cartridges, batteries of all sizes and all spent lamps.
  3. Items are collected from all areas of the building and Kitchen, including Recycling Containers alongside trash vessels in all common areas.
  4. The Housekeeping department uses Green Seal Certified cleaning products.
  5. Food Service donates left-over food from event to local food banks.

Eliminate Use of Styrofoam and Reduce Disposables

  1. Housekeeping uses bio-degradable trash can liners and Food Service uses disposable service make from natural materials instead of plastic
  2. We have found it better to use/wash catering dinnerware, flatware and glasses to minimize use of disposable service.

Water and Energy Conservation

  1. We utilize low-flow supplies on rest room fixtures reducing water and energy for hot water.
  2. We have touch-less activation for faucets, soap dispensers, toilets and paper towels, to provide a clean experience for attendees and save energy.
  3. HVAC systems are programmed based on event schedules to minimize usage during nonpeak times and to conserve energy.
  4. Non-essential items are turned off when space is not in use such as escalators, accent lighting and concourse monitors.
  5. We replaced retail wash machines with a single commercial strength unit that consumes less energy with equal capacity.
  6. Engineering installed occupancy-sensor lighting controls in rooms to ensure lights are not left on when vacant.

Lighting controls for large arrays of fixtures have been reprogrammed to be able to operate at ½ light during dusk or early use, saving expense.
Certain lighting controls have been moved to the Security Office, in an effort to reduce potential wasted energy in vacated areas.