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The IssuesWhat to Say

Here are several things you can say to any elected official or community stakeholder. Feel free to speak about your personal feelings on what tourism means to your career and business.

The Issues

It’s difficult for people to sometimes recognize the value of tourism and tourism promotion to their communities. And sometimes it’s even harder for elected officials to see it as well. Many understand. But many are disconnected. There’s a false impression visitors will make their way to Florida no matter what, tourism promotion doesn’t mean anything. It’s a waste of money. Bed tax money is better served paying for other services.

If promotion isn’t worth it, then why would industry giants—from soda companies to insurance companies to car companies—bother to do marketing? Tourism marketing is no different. Sales taxes and fees paid by visitors pay for critical services residents rely on, such as public safety, education, and infrastructure needs. Most of all, tourism provides jobs and career opportunities and improves quality of life.

What to say

These are the exact talking points Discover The Palm Beaches uses in our meetings with elected officials. SEE AND PRINT TALKING POINTS.

Destinations Florida is a statewide association of destinations management organizations and convention & visitors bureaus from throughout Florida. Discover The Palm Beaches is a member, and we work together to protect the tourism industry. They’ve created a how-to guide for advocacy. SEE AND PRINT THE GUIDE.

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