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4 Must-Visit Sandbars in The Palm Beaches

4 Must-Visit Sandbars in The Palm Beaches

Get knee-deep in both nature and fun by visiting these natural sandbars.

A day on the water is a perfect escape in The Palm Beaches. A tranquil cruise along the area’s 125 miles of waterways is a great way to relax. Just turn off the phone, listen to the water and enjoy the tropical beauty as you drift on by.

Boaters, here, can take fun and relaxation a step further. As low tide approaches, many head to one of the natural sandbars along the Intracoastal waters and nudge their bow into the soft sand. It is here where something magical happens: an instant community of friendly people forms along the shallows. In the midst of the clear, warm, blue waters, friends share their love of the water and enjoy hours of tropical fun among starfish and sea shells.

There are many sandbars in The Palm Beaches where boaters stop to dip their toes in the sand. Here is a list of the most popular spots around the area. Remember, these can become quite populated with families and fun-seekers especially during holidays and weekends. Plan on visiting well before low tide to find the best location.


The Jupiter Sandbar, near The Jupiter Inlet

Also called The Loxahatchee River Sandbar, this spot is near the Jupiter Inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway. On any weekend, you will find many boats waiting for low tide and passengers eager to hop out and walk in inches-deep water. The bottom is made up of soft sand and some river grasses, so walking is never a problem. Locals tell us the west side of the sandbar is best for families, while the east end is for rowdy friends. Within sight of the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, the sandbar is surrounded by trees, single family homes and a few private docks. This sandbar is perfect for family and friends who want to play in the clear waters of the inlet.

One of many sandbars near the Jupiter Inlet
One of many sandbars near the Jupiter Inlet​


The Peanut Island Sandbar, near The Palm Beach Inlet

Now a scenic wooded island in the middle of the Lake Worth Lagoon, Peanut Island started life as a pile of sand from early 20th Century dredging projects. After 80 years, the Island has bloomed into a popular and beautiful picnic destination. North of the island, boaters will find one of the top sandbars in the area, with ample room for boats and people who want to have snorkel, stroll, or lay out. The view is remarkable, with the Port of Palm Beach to the west, the soaring Blue Heron Bridge to the north, and beautiful marinas to the East. This water is clean and clear, with the Phil Foster Park Underwater Snorkel Trail just a short boat ride or paddle to the north.

Peanut Island with it's sandbar
Pleasure boats cluster between Peanut Island and the Blue Heron Bridge to enjoy the sandbar there.​


Beer Can Island, near the Boynton Inlet

Another man-made island, this spot gained the beer can name after many early partiers left their empties behind. Now a bird sanctuary, boaters still head to Beer Can Island for low tide and cool off in the six-inch-deep water. The mouth of the Boynton Inlet, leading out to sea, is strikingly close by, so watching the parade of ocean going traffic can be quiet entertaining.

Boats mingle near Beer Can Island in Boynton Beach
Boats line up along the sandbar just off Beer Can Island in Boynton Beach​


Lake Boca Raton, Boca Raton

This body of water is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow strip of land, dotted with homes and condos. Part of the Intracoastal Waterway winds through the Lake, which is a destination for those looking for a place to anchor and play. The area is the scene of huge gatherings of boats, and a largely popular spot every spring during an event called “Boca Bash.” It is a huge floating party where music and festive boaters congregate to enjoy the sun and island atmosphere. The sand bar is knee deep at low tide, but many boaters choose to anchor a bit farther off shore and swim in to avoid getting blocked in by the growing crowd of boats. Lake Boca is a place to see and be seen, a spot where the emphasis is on music and fun.

Gathering along Lake Boca, near Boca Raton
Gathering along Lake Boca, near Boca Raton​

The Palm Beaches have many beautiful spots where getting off the boat is as much fun as riding in it! The experience can be as simple as getting close to nature or as fun-filled as a rocking party on an island beach. It’s time to immerse yourself in the boating scene! Time to cast off and head to The Palm Beaches.


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