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Finding Extreme Fun In The Sun

Finding Extreme Fun In The Sun

From flying to diving – in sunshine or by moonlight – here are some extreme activities to get your adrenaline flowing in The Palm Beaches

When people think of The Palm Beaches, they may think of extreme beauty, extreme relaxation, and extremely blue, clear water. The destination does have all of that — but there’s so much more in store for those seeking adventure. Here’s a list of places to see and things to do that will show you how extreme the fun can be in The Palm Beaches. Adventure Watersports – Riviera Beach, Fla

Standing on the stern of a motorboat and lifting off into the air is a thrill of a lifetime. During the summer months, Adventure Watersports offers parasailing rides that will give you a seagull’s view of our waterways. If the weather isn’t cooperative, you can opt for a crazy spin in a large 3-person towable tube. Either way, count on the wind in your face and sea spray all around you as you make memories in The Palm Beaches.

Cloud 9 Helicopters, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Watching the tropical coastline stretch out beneath your helicopter is a thrill everyone will love.  Cloud 9 helicopters can take you to some of the most beautiful spots in The Palm Beaches. A 30-minute flight will take you over Peanut Island, Singer Island, Jupiter Inlet, and more.  You can opt for a longer flight that will let you fully explore the coast and zoom inland for breathtaking views of the Everglades.

Escape Rooms around The Palm Beaches

The idea is simple: you and several friends are trapped in a room, with just 60 minutes to solve brain-teasers and make your escape. It all happens in real-time, with no time-outs or pauses.  Solve the puzzles or face the consequences! There are several escape room locations in The Palm Beaches, some offering several themed escape rooms, each with a thrilling subplot.   Check out Legends of XscapeExtraordinary Escape Rooms, The Escape South Florida, and West Palm Beach Escape Rooms. They are waiting to get your adrenaline flowing!

Lion Country Safari – Loxahatchee, Fla.

World-famous Lion Country Safari has been ranked as one of the “10 Best Savanna Exhibits” in the world and for good reason. Here, the wild animals roam free while you drive within feet of them from your car. You can also enjoy a walking tour packed with animal exhibits and hands-on entertainment. Special VIP Tours will get you a thrilling close-up view of a lion, meet a full-sized rhino or feed a friendly giraffe. Special photo tours will give you the very best angle for a prize-winning wildlife picture. You can even coax a giraffe to paint an original watercolor for you!

Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge – Western Palm Beach County The Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge is just 7 miles west of Boynton Beach and is the last remaining section of the northern Everglades in Palm Beach County. Hundreds of animal species call this unspoiled, serene landscape home. The park offers night walks several evenings a month, timed with either the new moon or full moon. You will be armed with only a flashlight as you explore a loop of untouched Everglades refuge in the dark of night. The chance to see nocturnal wildlife, from treefrogs to rare bobcats, is spectacular!

 Extreme diving around The Palm Beaches

Diving in The Palm Beaches is enjoyed by people of all ages. Colorful marine life can be seen even just a few feet from shore. For those divers who wish something a bit more extreme, Pura Vida Divers offers an excursion that won’t be forgotten. Called a Black Water Drift Dive, participants are taken to water more than 400 feet deep and then set adrift just 20 feet below the surface in nearly complete darkness. A breathtaking show of bioluminescent life often swims up from the depths to feed. Everything from jellyfish to squid swims by, shimmering like tiny glowing stars. Larger fish from dolphins to sailfish join in, swimming in and out of the darkness. It is a dive designed for thrill-seeker, and the visual rewards are truly breathtaking.  If a dive to find something large and unusual is what you crave, a trip to Force-E Dive Centers will deliver.  They offer a dive on the MV Castor, a wreck in 80 feet of water.  You’ll soon be joined by huge goliath groupers, some of which grow eight feet in length and weigh over 400 pounds. The groupers are gentle and largely fearless so be sure to bring your camera for amazing images. Jupiter Dive Center offers its Tunnels dive that drifts through various tunnel-like outcroppings. The dive is renowned for the big grouper, rays, and spadefish that are often seen.

Singer Island Outdoor Center – Singer Island, Fla.

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Paddleboarding is a fun, relaxing workout. Getting up on a board after dark takes the thrill to a new level and makes everything more extreme. A stop at Singer Island Outdoor Center will set you up with boards outfitted with special underwater lighting systems, so you can peer down into the water as if illuminated by daylight. A guided tour will take you to the best underwater views. You’ll see the underwater rock formations with a clarity impossible during the day, and nocturnal marine life is naturally attracted to your paddle board’s glow.

West Palm Beach Airboat Rides – West Palm Beach, Fla.

An airboat is a perfect way to navigate the shallow waters of Florida’s Everglades. Low and agile, they can zoom to places no regular boat could ever go. They also deliver a truly thrilling ride, complete with howling wind and white-knuckle speeds. West Palm Beach Airboat Rides will take you on an extreme tour of The Everglades, complete with alligator sightings, views of rare water birds, and perhaps a rare Florida Black Panther. 


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