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Naturally Romantic

Naturally Romantic

The best way to experience Florida is a trip to The Palm Beaches. If you love warm ocean breezes, discovering the Everglades, or you’re just into the tropics, then our Five “Natural” Locales to Steal a Kiss in The Palm Beaches are where you start.

Pine Glades

Sunny Side Up For a taste of backcountry Florida with a touch of the Everglades, then sunrise over The Palm Beaches peeking through trees – Pine Glades Natural Area is it. Go for an early hike through this protected wilderness. You have more than seven miles of trails, which feature picturesque spots for those “good morning” kisses.


Up on the Boardwalk At midday, go from an outback to a boardwalk. Daggerwing Nature Center is 40 acres of preserved habit, with the aforementioned boardwalk trails showcasing The Palm Beaches’ other locals – butterflies, endangered wood storks, alligators and more. Then, climb up the observation tower for a kiss from the top.

Lake Trail

It’s All About the View As the sun starts sliding behind downtown West Palm Beach, the Intracoastal Waterway and Lake Worth Lagoon become one incredibility fine vista. This is your cue to start on a slow stroll along the Palm Beach Lake Trail. Choose a quiet bench, put your arm around your honey, and take those views of the water.

Sunset Coastline You experienced sunrise and twilight along the eastern side of The Palm Beaches. For sunset, head west until you run into one of the largest freshwater bodies of water in the country, Lake Okeechobee. You can’t miss it – looks like another ocean. Move up onto the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST) to watch the sun dip under the horizon – it’s sure to put you in the mood for romance.

Moonlighting If sunshine and summertime are the main ingredients for your vacation cocktail, the straw that stirs the drink is the ocean. The beaches look spectacular by day, but by night, the moonlight indeed has the “wow” factor. For the crème de la crème, make your way out to the breakwater at Ocean Inlet Park. In The Palm Beaches, this is where you can have those much-anticipated “goodnight” kisses.


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