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The Secrets to Great Beach Snacking

The Secrets to Great Beach Snacking

Packing the perfect meal for your beach-going family

Everything tastes better with a tropical breeze and warm sunshine. However, there is an art to selecting tasty foods that work perfectly in an oceanside setting. It’s hard to keep things properly chilled, and too much moisture will capture wayward grains of sand. Building a picnic that’s easily portable and perfectly snackable on the beach isn’t hard – you just need to know what to get, and where to get it.

Leave the junk food behind. A day at the beach can be packed with swimming, walking and playing in the sun. Making do with chips and candy will leave you hungry and feeling unsatisfied. Having a balance of foods is important to enjoying your beach experience. Drinking plenty of water or lightly flavored beverages are best for hydration, as sugary drinks can lead to stomach upset while playing hard on a summer day.

Avoid overly moist or greasy foods. Many beachgoers will recall the childhood memories of getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich “breaded” with sand. Even a little moisture or stickiness can lead to “extra-crunchy” fried chicken or a particularly sandy sandwich. Picking foods that have low surface moisture can ward off unwanted sand and make the eating experience crunch-free.  

The Secrets to Great Beach Snacking
Choose high-quality food perfect for the beach from a specialty store like Beef Jerky Outlet.

Consider dried, individually wrapped snacks. Nuts, fruit segments and other dried foods are perfect for the beach.  They are easily totable, easy to open and delicious to eat. Moms love them because they are neat and generate nearly no litter. Lupe Jones of The West Palm Beach Jerky Outlet agrees. She offers packages of dried foods that are perfect for beachgoing: “We pack our dried jerky and fruit options in quantities perfect for a trip to the beach. The idea is to take only what you’ll need and not create waste.” Introducing empty bags and wrappers to the area’s beautiful beaches is harmful to sea turtles and marine life, so picking foods with a minimum of packing is important.

The Secrets to Great Beach Snacking
Individually wrapped and resealable packages mean little waste at the beach.

Pssst: Jerky is a great beach food. Jerky, which is naturally dried meat infused with herbs and spices, is perfect for a trip to the beach. “Jerky has very low moisture, so it tends to not attract sticky sand,” says Lupe. “Popular meats include beef, turkey and wild game – and we infuse ours with over 100 assorted flavors. Our Cajun barbequed brisket and prime rib jerky are among our most popular.”  In addition to being delicious and perfect for outdoor snacking, the high-protein, gluten-free food is naturally nutritious. Leftovers are easily stowed with little fuss – another huge plus for Mom.

The Secrets to Great Beach Snacking
Crispy fruits are naturally dried with no additives. A great choice for kids!

A sweet finish for a day at the beach. Candy bars don’t fare well at the beach. Chocolate melts and wrappers form a gooey mess. Instead, think of a selection of fruits that have been prepared for mess-free eating.  If you’re looking for snackable portions, another good choice is a selection of dried fruits packed in individual wrapping. “Dried fruits like pineapple, tangerine, banana and apple slices satisfy that sweet tooth,” says Lupe. “Or a handful of our butter rum peanuts will make the family smile.”

The idea is to make beach food easy, tasty and satisfying while avoiding a mess or unwanted waste. Follow these tips and you’ll not only make the most of your beach time, you’ll keep the entire family happy.  Bring plenty of water and beach-friendly foods and get ready to make memories in The Palm Beaches.

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