Coffee Shops: Your Key to a Re-Energized Vacation in The Palm Beaches

April 30, 2018

A great cup of joe can make a day at the beach ... a day in Paradise!

Because of the stress-free nature of the area and a sun-induced relaxed state of mind, it can be difficult to do everything on your vacation to-do list. If you find yourself craving a bit more energy or needing a caffeine fix, here are a few of the popular coffee shops in The Palm Beaches. They’re guaranteed to give you that energy push you’ve been seeking, giving you more time to enjoy the sunshine and entertainment that abounds throughout the destination.

Oceana Coffee Lounge It all started with a dream, a $35 popcorn maker from eBay and a craving for an Australian-style cup of joe. Now, coffee cravers can have a seat in one of the comfy couches, as they take in the aroma of Oceana Coffee production. Brewing specialty coffees in small batches for flavor packed roast since 2009, Ocean Coffee has two locations within The Palm Beaches.

Harold’s Coffee Lounge Here, they specialize in Kyoto-style cold brew coffee, but that’s not their only specialty. Fresh-pressed juices, Kombucha, a variety of teas and baked goods are also available for purchase. Come for coffee and stay for their drum circle, poetry readings, film screenings, book signings or art exhibits.

Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House Sharing the “taste of Scandinavia” with The Palm Beaches, this Swedish Coffee House and Café serves up a custom blend of Sweden’s most ethical and environmentally-friendly coffee and tea from Lofbergs Lila, Swedish coffee roasters. When you stop by, try their “snowball” pastry and the hazelnut croissant stuffed with chocolate.

JohansJoe Coffeehouse


JohansJoe Coffeehouse exterior

Subculture Coffee Roasters At Subculture, it’s all about the coffee culture. With a strong belief in fostering a community of diversity and expression, as well as careful selection of their locally-sourced products, this coffee shop and creative lounge offers patrons flavorful coffee roasted with care. Their small batch roasting maintains the fullest of flavors. When you’re here, try the oatmeal coconut cookie, made by the owner’s wife. 

Photo credit: Kallima PhotographyCaption

subculture coffeee - coffee pic

Common Grounds Coffee Bar With locally-roasted coffee, live music, open mic nights and tasty pastries, the Coffee Bar aims to bring people together. Breakfast and lunch options are available, as are vegan-friendly offerings.

Gizzi’s Coffee This quaint coffee house serves up to 50 coffees from around the world. Pastries, paninis and sandwiches are also available.
Subculture Coffee One Subculture Coffee was not enough, so there is a second location in Delray Beach, too!

The Seed Boca’s first specialty coffee shop and juice bar, The Seed sells locally-roasted specialty coffee and local, raw, and seasonal juices and smoothies. The coffee comes from their partnership with Wells Coffee Company, an artisan coffee roasting company based in Boca Raton.

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