Try Something Different

Enter restaurant. Sit down. Order from menu. Eat. Pay bill. Get up and go. Repeat. You’ve come to the realization something more . . . something extraordinary. The Palm Beaches, known for tremendous variety in food and beverage, have eateries, pubs, and food tours, all outside the norm, but in a delicious way.


Swank Table Farm-Style Events

When Swank means farm to table, they really mean farm to table. Swank Specialty Produce is a long-time, best-in-class grower of vegetables, greens, herbs, and more. Also known as a fine purveyor to luxury resorts and high-end bistros. They also invite you to go down to the farm for al fresco, charmingly rustic evenings with multi-course dinners prepared by nationally known chefs.

WPB Food Tour

Savor Our City and West Palm Beach Food Tours

Fantastic eats with a side of history, a dash of storytelling, and a zest of culinary insights . . . and again, more tasty stuff. You’ll stroll and eat your way through the downtown areas in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, or Delray Beach. These cities have amazing tales to tell and tremendous cuisine to try.

Brewhouse Gallery

Yes, art for sale does in fact hang from the walls. Yes, you can order craft beer from around the world, 45 are on tap. All supplemented by live music, poetry readings, painting classes, plus special events. This would be a good time to mention gourmet hot dogs served on butter toasted gyro bread, or the locally made fish dip, chips & salsa, meat & cheese boards . . . all of it downright scrumptious.

Silverball Museum

Silverball Museum

Play classic pinball machines from around the globe. Play arcade games that made arcade games famous – Asteroids, Centipede, Frogger, Space Invaders, and more. Food wise, choose from the Boardwalk or Coastal Cuisine menus. On the beverage side, the wine or beer lists are excellent, make time before and after game time.

For more on the dining and things to do scene here in The Palm Beaches  and we certainly have plenty more to talk about  check it out here.

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