Scuba Diving Sites

You could spend more than a few vacations scuba diving offshore in The Palm Beaches, but if you need suggestions on where to start, here are some of our top sites.

Dive sites in Palm Beach County

Do a shore dive or drop down 200 feet. Hidden diving treasures are found throughout The Palm Beaches.

The reefs, trenches and diving spots in The Palm Beaches are incredibly unique. We’ve rounded up a list of 12 diving sites to give you a sample of what to expect. Once you’ve explored these sites, there are more, plenty more. Like more than 150 artificial reefs. Let’s go by depth to discover what’s in the deep. But before you go out, choose one our dive shops or charters, and it’s diver down.

From the Shore 

Look for: Squids, octopi, manatees, lobsters, moray eels, scorpionfish, sea turtles, crabs and starfish.
Aquariums don’t have anything on Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach. Go under Blue Heron Bridge and you’ll find the park. It’s an internationally known destination for an incredible lineup of fish and sea creatures. From Phil Foster, you can nearly look over to Palm Beach Inlet, leading out the Atlantic Ocean. At a depth of 25 feet, a site called Cable Crossing sits less than a mile from the Inlet. At this site delve into a natural reef made up of ledges honey-combed with mini-caves.

50 to 100 Feet 

Look for: Sharks, spotted rays, eels, turtles, large tropical fish schools, coral, ledges, trenches and of course, the famous goliath groupers (you have to see one of the monsters to really believe).
Sorry, no space aliens at our Area 51 (that we know of), but this high-ledge site near Jupiter is known for all kinds of creatures dropping in for a visit. Green moray eels are known to free-swim through the maze created by pieces broken off from the ledge. Juno Ledge offers a glimpse at those celebrated goliath groupers, to go along with soft corals.

Sea Emperor Reef, about a mile from Boca Raton Inlet, has a 171-foot hopper barge giving you the impression of exploring an underwater cave. One of the newest artificial reefs is the Ana Cecilia. She was a working 170-foot freighter; today she lays off the coast of Riviera Beach — a great addition to our collection of more than 150 artificial reefs in The Palm Beaches.

Other not-to-miss locations are BudBar and the Genesis Reef off of Boynton Beach/Delray, or the No Shoes Reef 4 that lies in 70 feet of water off of Delray Beach. One of the partners involved in this effort, No Shoes Reefs, is a grassroots organization led by Kenny Chesney.

100 to 200 Feet

Look for: Dolphins, goliath groupers, parrotfish, barracudas and spadefish.
The Princess Anne rests offshore of Palm Beach Inlet. This 340-foot car and passenger ferry has long been considered one of the best wreck dives on the East Coast of the U.S. Meanwhile, the Hydro Atlantic is a massive barge not far from Boca Raton Inlet. It's well known for thick blankets of coral and sponge, but also for a deck still crowded with equipment, cranes and cables.

200 Feet and Beyond 

Look for: You never know what you’ll find down here.

For the adventurous, there are amazing things out in deeper water. The Sylvina Express (WPB Fishing Club Reef) near Palm Beach Inlet, has a history about it, including a stint as a drug-running vessel. It’s not a watering hole for thirsty divers, but the Miller Lite Reef/Boynton Kiwanis dive site near Boynton Beach does serve up 317 feet of reef, standing upright from the ocean floor.