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Severe Weather Information

Severe Weather Information

As the official destination marketing agency for Palm Beach County, The Palm Beaches’ priority is the safety and comfort of our visitors and residents.

Due to Hurricane Nicole, The National Hurricane Center has placed The Palm Beaches on a Hurricane Warning.  Palm Beach County government has issued evacuation orders for Zones A & B.  These include many hotels and attractions near or on the barrier islands, or in low-lying areas prone to flooding. Certain shelters are now open throughout the county.

Please refer to the below list of hotels to see those in the evacuation zones. For additional information on the storm, refer to the official resources we have listed.

We encourage you to check with your accommodations to learn more about their storm procedures. If you’re planning to visit an attraction, museum, or restaurant, these may temporarily close or change hours due to weather conditions. 

Palm Beach County Hotel Information

National Hurricane Center

Palm Beach County Emergency Management & Evacuation Information:

Florida Emergency Management Information:

Transportation Information:

Additional Travel Related Information:

If you are unfamiliar with hurricane terminology here is a glossary of some terms you might hear:

Watches and Warnings:

Storm Terms: