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5 Ways to Promote Mental Wellness during Meetings

5 Ways to Promote Mental Wellness during Meetings

Here are 5 ways to keep mental health top of mind as you are planning a meeting in The Palm Beaches.

In May, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month—a moment to prioritize our brains and think about what we can do to promote our mental health and that of others. Incorporating mental health into meetings is a top priority. Meetings not only bring people together—hence favoring social relationships that boost our mental health—but they can also be an opportunity for meeting organizers and attendees to take advantage of The Palm Beaches’ tremendous assets when it comes to mental well-being.

Sunrise at Juno Beach

The Palm Beaches are uniquely positioned to provide many resources to keep mental wellness a priority for meetings and visitors in the destination.  Our community boasts a plethora of organizations, research institutes and other extraordinary resources to advance mental health awareness including the Max Planck Florida Institute For Neuroscience, the FAU Brain Institute, as well as a permanent exhibit on human brain at the Cox Science Center, and the Palm Health Foundation a community health foundation that supports solutions for better health in Palm Beach County through community collaboration.

Our Group Sales and Destination Services Team also has innovative solutions and creative ways to leverage community partners and local businesses to prioritize and integrate mental health awareness into meetings.

Here we have included five ways to keep mental health top of mind as you are planning your meeting in The Palm Beaches.


1. Offer Between-The-Sessions Relaxation and Sport Activities

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Exercising regularly helps manage stress and keep anxiety and depression at bay. In The Palm Beaches, our community partners and easy accessibility to activities make it seamless to integrate movement, fitness and wellness activities into your meeting, Between-the-Sessions.

Attendees can enjoy the best of Florida’s Golf Capital® at over 160 golf courses; enjoy team-building activities on the water, such as kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving; or,  take time to rejuvenate during a yoga class with a local instructor before the morning session or during meeting breaks.   

Yoga between-the-sessions


2. Promote Mental Health Through Art

Art is a tool for self-expression that contributes to healing and wellness on many levels. Taking up some form of artistic expression—including drawing, glass blowing, photography, ceramics and so on—can have great benefit to our brain and, most importantly, can bring us together with other human beings.

In The Palm Beaches, we have an abundance of creativity on display, from murals to gardens, museums, historic resorts, and much more. Should your attendees want to unleash their creativity, The Palm Beaches are also home to some of the region’s top art destinations where aspiring artists can improve their skills while making new connections.

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3. Be Inclusive

All attendees are unique and engage on various levels—particularly when it comes to mental health. Our team can help connect you with vendors that will create innovative spaces and formats within your meetings, keeping in mind sensory experiences, triggers, and sensitivities that attendees may have.

Work with local organizations and experts, like Els for Autism or the Arc of Palm Beach County, to develop programming that accommodates the learning styles of diverse groups of people. Providing calming spaces where people can relax during a meeting or incorporating interactive mindful breaks are just a few ideas on how to make your meeting more inclusive. For further information contact our Destination Services team to be connected with the best local resources.

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4. Offer Nutritious Food & Beverage Experiences

It’s no mystery that healthy, genuine, and nutritious food is of paramount importance to ensure physical and mental health. When it comes to high-quality, fresh, and healthy food, The Palm Beaches offer plenty of local options.

Keep your attendees energized with a brain booster from Garden of Life or a refreshing organic tea from Gratitude Tea. Take advantage of Grato’s catering service and offer your attendees a varied menu inspired by the best seasonal ingredients. Or, organize a healthy corporate lunch in a local restaurant, such as the Farmer’s Table, PLANTA, Avocado Grill, or True Food Kitchen.

Most of our restaurants are easily accessible and located in pedestrian-friendly districts within walking distance from the main meetings spaces. For instance, The Square and Clematis Street in Downtown Convention Center District offers plenty of healthy food options just a few steps  away from the Convention Center.  Let our Chefs, at your meeting hotel or venue, design innovative, wellness-boosting menus that will provide attendees all-day energy and inspiration!

Healthy Meals at True food kitchen


5. Reconnect with Nature

Getting out into nature is one of the best ways to disconnect from our hectic and busy lives and find peace of mind. In The Palm Beaches, you’ll find plenty of natural wonders and breathtaking natural landscapes—many of them just a few steps away from the Palm Beach Convention Center and other meeting venues.

There are plenty of ways to integrate activities in the nature into your meeting. Your attendees can enjoy a moment of full relaxation in one of our wonderful beaches, explore three exceptional islands, or go on an adventure in the Everglades National Park. Let your attendees reconnect with nature in The Palm Beaches and take care of their mental health—Between-The-Sessions.  


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