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Brew at the Zoo: Meet the Fans

Brew at the Zoo: Meet the Fans

Get to Know the Event from a Local Aficionado of Local Craft Beer in the Wildest of Settings

There’s a surprising, if not downright flavorsome craft beer scene brewing throughout The Palm Beaches. So, it’s only natural the local breweries would get close to nature with a festival at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society.   There are plenty of beers at Brew at the Zoo. Sample 25 to 30 Florida craft beer breweries, with extra emphasis on those in The Palm Beaches. And you won’t go hungry, good bites await via food trucks and various stands. We should also mention Brew has live music, so groovin’ is certainly allowed.  

Brew at the Zoo: Meet the Fans
Visitors consider the wide array of sampling choices during Brew at the Zoo.

Don’t just take our word on Brew at the Zoo, read why a local fan loves the event. You can always see more of what real people have experienced in #ThePalmBeaches, because friends trust friends . . . not ads.

Let’s get to know our aficionado  

Dan Gittere

 Dan Gittere from Wellington, has been attending Brew at the Zoo for the last two years.   How well does Brew at the Zoo showcase our local craft beer scene in The Palm Beaches?   Very Well. I know you can’t have every craft beer, but I feel the zoo does a very good job of bringing everyday favorites and new trending brews around the area.   What do you look forward to when going to Brew?   It’s a great social gathering place, great entertainment, and a fun atmosphere. Plus, the scenery of having it at the zoo is great! As a company owner, I also use this as an event for our team to enjoy away from work.  

Brew at the Zoo: Meet the Fans
Being social and making friends is a big part of Brew at the Zoo.

For first-time goers, any suggestions or tips?   If you can spare the few extra dollars, get a VIP ticket. It includes food, early admission, shorter lines, and access to a few VIP beer tastings. If you can’t, although the zoo does an amazing job getting people in as fast as possible, get there at least 30 min early.  Take a ride-share with your friends so you can enjoy the night. There is also food starting as low as $5, and a few local restaurants to choose from.   Looks like the Zoo is a cool place to visit, what are your favorite parts of Palm Beach Zoo?   There is so much to do and enjoy. The zoo is not just for kids anymore.  Personally, I enjoy walking through the Florida loop. A walk through the amazing landscape, through the new exhibits such as Panther Prowl and Mardi the white alligator are great.  They also have a new interactive “can you jump as high as a panther?” that my kids love trying.   Tell us about your favorite locations or things to do, which make The Palm Beaches a terrific place to visit?   In the past, we’ve lived in New York, Ohio, and California. Living in The Palm Beaches has been the best.  For the family, our favorite spots are: Palm Beach Zoo, South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, John Prince Park (for fishing, camping & hiking) and Lake Worth Pier & Casino. For my wife and I, it’s relaxing at the West Palm Beach waterfront, getting dinner at Suri Tapas Bar and waiting for the yearly SunFest festival.   Learn More About Brew at the Zoo


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