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Finding just desserts in The Palm Beaches

Finding just desserts in The Palm Beaches

Finding something sweet after dinner is always a satisfying journey

Finding a great dining experience in The Palm Beaches is as easy as a walk on the beach. Just pick your cuisine and you’ll find excellent choices to satisfy every gastromic desire. Finding the perfect dessert is just as critical. Let’s face it, when you remember a perfect night out, the taste of that sweet finish is what lingers on. There’s no argument, be it date night or a family feast, dessert matters. To find the perfect after-dinner treat in The Palm Beaches, here’s a list of some great dessert destinations.

Doughboy- Boca Raton, Fla.

Ever find yourself craving doughnuts, but can never decide on which flavor to choose? Fear not! Doughboy, located across from Mizner Park, just solved the biggest dilemma for dessert lovers by offering a wide selection of gourmet bite-sized doughnuts. Cool is the vibe when you walk into the shop. Old school R&B plays off the white brick walls, and gold tables with black chairs fill the dining area. With flavors ranging from “Winter is Coming” (a smores inspired doughnut), “Color Munster” (fruity pebbles and lemon), and “Bacon Me Crazy” (yep, bacon), visitors can literally have it all. Doughnuts come in packages of 3 to 25 pieces, perfect for yourself or a small party. Doughboy proves that mini doughnuts are definitely the next big thing.

Sloan’s- Palm Beach County, Fla.

With two locations in West Palm Beach, one in Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach, Sloan’s is one of the leading ice cream parlors in the county. Every Sloan’s shop feels like a small carnival with the smell of freshly bakes cones filling the air, bright pink and green colored walls, plush toys and treats nestled throughout the store, and of course ice cream! Aside from there wide variety of exceptional ice creams, there is one thing on the menu that really packs a punch, Tracy’s Kitchen Sink. This sundae has 12 scoops of ice cream, all of the toppings available, gobs of whipped cream and cherries, and yes, it’s served in an actual kitchen sink.

Parlour Vegan Bakery- Boca Raton, Fla.

Located off of S. Federal Hwy sits a bakery with all of the gourmet desserts one could ask for, and they are all vegan. Parlour Vegan Bakery is not your average shop, with a wide selection of cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies and more, most guests are shocked that it is all 100% vegan. The shop has a warm earthy feel, with a wood-paneled bench, moss mosaics, and white tiled walls. Gold sprinkled “Butterbeer” doughnuts, warm cinnamon rolls, and over-the-top made to order cakes make Parlour a dessert-force to be reckoned with.

Relish & More- West Palm Beach/ Boca Raton, Fla.

If over the top is what you are looking for, then Relish & More is the place to be. With locations in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, visitors can experience extreme decadence in the form of a milkshake. A regular shake is good, but at Relish, a full-sized Hostess cupcake, a pile of whipped cream and tons of sprinkles complete the monstrosity of their milkshakes. Upon arrival, a display of every milkshake sits at the counter with selections including Twinkie, Red Velvet Oreo, Strawberry Shortcake, and yes, a full-sized dessert of the chosen flavor is included on top of the shake. So if your go to vanilla shakes just aren’t cutting it anymore, Relish & More is definitely worth a try.

Serendipity 3- Boca Raton, Fla.

Serendipity 3, one of New York’s most iconic restaurants, can be experienced right here in Palm Beach County. Located inside The Boca Raton, Serendipity is a favorite among visitors for its signature sweets. The restaurant combines modern luxury and retro-diner with big pink and white booths, marble dining tables, tiled floors, and numerous eclectic light fixtures. Big candy displays and glass cases full of treats make everyone feel like a kid again. The infamous Frozen Hot Chocolate is the main attraction at Serendipity; the chocolate smoothie-like dessert is topped with a generous amount of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It’s big enough for two, but we think some things are just meant to be indulged solo. 




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