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Meet Tosha Williams: The Founder of The Pink Retreat

Meet Tosha Williams: The Founder of The Pink Retreat

Tosha Williams, founder of The Pink Retreat, tells us how she started her colorful business.

We interviewed Tosha Williams, founder of the Pink Retreat—the most colorful girlfriends’ getaway in The Palm Beaches. Inspired by the fashion brand Lilly Pulitzer, The Pink Retreat attracts hundreds of Lilly’s fans to Palm Beach each year.

Tosha Williams under the Palm Beaches sign


Tell us a little more about yourself. What were you doing before starting The Pink Retreat?

When I was a child, I wanted to become an artist or a psychiatrist. But in my early twenties, I had a bunch of jobs I did not like. And that’s when my mom had my handwriting analyzed to figure out what path was the right one for me. It turned out that the creative field was the one for me. So I went back to my childhood dream of being an artist.  I started painting during my lunch breaks, and then I decided to go back to school for art therapy. I eventually became an art therapist. Patients would regularly comment on my sunshiny, colorful, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and thank me for lifting their spirits with my clothes. I later became a stay-at-home mom until my kids grew up. But after that, I did not want to go back to art therapy. Instead, I founded The Pink Retreat.

Palm Beach map


How did you come up with the idea of The Pink Retreat?

I was an active member of Lilly Pulitzer’s online community when I had a vision of creating a Lilly’s convention. Sometime later, someone on the online community posted on the board: “Wouldn’t it be cool to do a Lilly convention?” And that’s when I realized that other women had the same idea. So I created a Facebook group where I started collecting ideas for the perfect Lilly’s convention, asking members what they wanted the convention to look like. From there, ideas started to generate, and I created an itinerary in Palm Beach.

The Pink retreat on worth aveue


How many Lilly’s aficionadas did you attract? 

The first event was in June 2018. I was expecting around 20 participants. Instead, 100 people registered! That year, Lilly Pulitzer’s CEO Michelle Kelly came down to Palm Beach to do the welcome toast. I was in tears! All ladies who participated started posting on social media, and from there it started growing and growing. The following year, 270 women registered for the second event. And the third year we reached 500 registrations in less than 48 hours! Last June, we welcomed again 500 Lilly’s aficionadas after a 2-year break due to Covid.

Pink retreat 2022 group picture


What’s your favorite activity of The Pink Retreat?

My new favorite activity is the afternoon tea at the Flagler Museum. All people are dressed up, and you really feel like you are living back in the Gilded Age.

Afternoon tea at the flagler museum


What about kids and husbands? What do husbands and kids do while the ladies are joining The Pink Retreat activities?

This year we organized a men’s event at Drive Shack in West Palm Beach. But Palm Beach County offers a lot more, such as golf courses, pools, and the zoo. Boyfriends, husbands, and kids can’t get bored!

Tosha and her husband


What are you most proud of?

To me, The Pink Retreat is a sort of group therapy experience where every woman takes care of herself and other women. I love seeing women laughing, smiling, loving, and “refilling their cups” during the retreat. And that’s what I’m most proud of.

Pink retreat group photo


What’s your favorite thing to do in Palm Beach?

I love the Brazilian Court’s pool area. I like being near the water and seeing the water.

Brazilian Court pool
Courtesy of the Brazilian Court Hotel


Do you have a favorite restaurant in Palm Beach?

Yes, the Seafood Bar at The Breakers.

Seafood bar at the Breakers
Courtesy of The Breakers Palm Beach

Any Instagram-worthy photo spots in The Palm Beaches you want to recommend?

I’d say the Clock Tower and The Breakers. Also, the cute vias on Worth Avenue are perfect for pictures because each one has a different personality. 

Via Mizner

Are there any places you look forward to going to when you’re back in The Palm Beaches?

Yes, the Croquet Center. I have been there for our Pink Party this year, but I will definitely go back next time I’m in South Florida. I want to take some croquet lessons there!

Pink Partu Croquet Center


When will The Pink Retreat 2024 take place? 

Registration is now open for the 2024 event, which will be held June 20-23, 2024. Register at before tickets are sold out!

painter at the pink retreat


About The Pink Retreat

Founded in 2017, The Pink Retreat is the most colorful girls’ weekend getaway in Palm Beach. It was created for women of all ages who love the colorful and floral patterns of Lilly Pulitzer. Activities include shopping, paint & sip events, a tour of Worth Avenue with Rick Rose, wine tastings, an afternoon tea, and more.    


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