Spring Training Team Schedules

Every day from the end of February to Opening Day, there is a MLB Spring Training game at both Roger Dean Stadium and the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, and more are coming to The Palm Beaches to play at The Ballpark of The Palm Beaches and Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium. Both stadiums have single, group, or season tickets, along with special promotions and on-the-field family activities.  

Insider Tip

Remember, both stadiums feature two “home” teams. So, if you can’t buy a home game ticket for your team, see them when they’re the “visitor.”

The Ballpark of The Palm Beaches


2023 Houston Astros Home Schedule

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Feb. 25New York Mets1:05 PM
Feb. 27Miami Marlins 1:05 PM
Mar.1 Boston Red Sox1:05 PM
Mar. 3Atlanta Braves 1:05 PM
Mar. 5Washington Nationals1:05 PM
Mar. 7New York Mets 6:05 PM
Mar. 8WBC Team Venezuela6.05 PM
Mar. 11St. Louis Cardinals 1:05 PM
Mar. 12Miami Marlins1:05 PM
Mar. 14St. Louis Cardinals1:05 PM
Mar. 17Washington Nationals1:05 PM
Mar. 18New York Mets7:05 PM
Mar. 21Miami Marlins1:05 PM
Mar. 23Washington Nationals6:05 PM
Mar. 26St. Louis Cardinals11:05 AM

2023 Washington Nationals Home Schedule

Feb. 26Houston Astros1:05 PM
Feb. 28St. Louis Cardinals1:05 PM
Mar. 2Miami Marlins1:05 PM
Mar. 4St. Louis Cardinals 1:05 PM
Mar. 9WBC Team Israel6:05 PM
Mar. 10Miami Marlins6:05 PM
Mar. 11New York Mets7:05 PM
Mar. 13Houston Astros 1:05 PM
Mar. 16New York Mets6:05 PM
Mar. 18Miami Marlins 1:05 PM
Mar. 19Detroit Tigers1:05 PM
Mar. 20New York Mets6:05 PM
Mar. 22New York Yankees1:05 PM
Mar. 24St. Louis Cardinals6:05 PM
Mar. 25Houston Astros6:05 PM

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Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium

2023 Miami Marlins Home Schedule

Feb. 26St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 PM
Feb. 28Boston Red Sox6:40 PM
Mar. 1New York Mets1:10 PM
Mar. 4New York Mets1:10 PM
Mar. 7Washington Nationals 1:10 PM
Mar. 8Team Israel6:40 PM
Mar. 11Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PM
Mar. 13 New York Mets1:10 PM
Mar. 14Houston Astros1:10 PM
Mar. 15Washington Nationals1:10 PM
Mar. 17St. Louis Cardinals1:10 PM
Mar. 19Houston Astros1:10 PM
Mar. 22St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 PM
Mar. 24Houstom Astros6:40 PM
Mar. 26Washington Nationals1:10 PM
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2023 St. Louis Cardinals Home Schedule

Feb. 25Washington Nationals1:05 PM
Feb. 27New York Mets1:05 PM
Mar. 2Houston Astros1:05 PM
Mar. 3Miami Marlins 1:05 PM
Mar. 5 New York Mets1:05 PM
Mar. 6Houston Astros1:05 PM
Mar. 9Team Nicaragua1:05 PM
Mar. 10New York Mets6:05 PM
Mar. 12Washington Nationals1:05 PM
Mar. 16Houston Astros1:05 PM
Mar. 18Detroit Tigers1:05 PM
Mar. 20Miami Marlins1:05 PM
Mar. 21Washington Nationals1:05 PM
Mar. 23New York Yankees1:05 PM
Mar. 25Miami Marlins1:05 PM
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