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10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches

Here are 10 female-owned businesses to support this Women’s History Month—and beyond.

From home restaurants to art studios, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite local businesses led by inspiring women in The Palm Beaches.

1. Island Living Tours by Leslie Diver

Island Living Tours was founded 15 years ago by Leslie Diver, a true Palm Beach insider. Her educative yet entertaining tours bring visitors around the best spots in Palm Beach and surroundings, from Worth Avenue on the island to antique Row in West Palm Beach. Whether you want to know more about our architecture, our history, or our famous residents, her tours will show you the best of Palm Beach! You can opt for a walking tour, a biking tour, or a driving tour. Pick your favorite one here.

About Leslie: Leslie moved to the town of Palm Beach more than 35 years ago. After a 26-year-long career as a financial adviser, she decided to start her private touring company. She served on both Palm Beach’s Architectural Review Commission and Landmarks Preservation Commission for 10 years. In her free time, Leslie loves going to the beach and watching Miami Heat games while enjoying a tasty take-out dinner.

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches

2. Honeybelle by Lindsay Autry

Situated inside the opulent PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Honeybelle embodies a culinary experience driven by its chef and owner, Lindsay Autry. This gourmet restaurant showcases breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner selections that celebrate authenticity and locally sourced ingredients. Under the guidance of Chef Lindsay Autry, a three-time nominee for the prestigious James Beard Award in the “Best Chef: South” category and a finalist on Bravo TV’s Top Chef Season 9, Honeybelle harmoniously blends classic Florida cuisine with Southern hospitality, all wrapped in the allure of tropical Palm Beach style. Make your reservation here.  

About Lindsay: Born in North Carolina, Chef Lindsay Autry is considered one of America’s top chefs. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University, she held several chef positions at restaurants on the East Coast and in Mexico. She then made headlines as a finalist on Bravo’s ninth season of “Top Chef.” In 2018 – 2020, Lindsay received James Beard Foundation nominations for “Best Chef: South.”

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches

3. Happylicious by Betsy by Betsy Cohen

Happylicious by Betsy offers delicious cookie dough and brownie batter in a jar. You can choose among several special flavors such as key lime, coconut rum, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, amaretto, cinnamon donut, chocolate chip, caffeinated Irishman, and lime in the coconut. All flavors are perfect for a dessert, as snack, or to mix into your favorite ice cream. You can purchase Happylicious products in one of Betsy’s physical stores, or you can order your jar of happiness here.

About Betsy: Since she was a child, Betsy has always loved fresh desserts her mom and grandparents used to make for her. In 2012, she started working part-time in the office of a bakery. But there, all cakes were made-to-order, meaning that Betsy couldn’t enjoy any leftover slices. She started treating herself with frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls. And that’s when she came up with the idea of her business. Three years later, she finally decided to turn her immense love for cookie dough balls into Happylicious.

cookie dough jars

4. Pioneer Linens by Penny Murphy

Pioneer Linens is an iconic and well-known store located on Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, that has recently celebrated 110 years of business. The 8,000-square-foot showroom offers high-quality luxury bed linens, bath towels and rugs, as well as various home decorations and accessories―all of this paired with attentive customer service of knowledgeable personal shoppers. Pioneer Linens opened its doors in 1912, starting out as a hardware software owned by Max Greenberg. Today, the business is run by Penny Murphy, Max’s granddaughter and the third-generation owner of Pioneer Linens.

About Penny: Originally an educator, Penny Murphy founded the first area kindergarten in Wellington, Florida. Then, she became Vice President of Pioneer Linens from 1995 to 2007, continuing what her grandfather started. In 2007, Penny became President of Pioneer Linens, after her father George Greenberg passed away. Today, Penny proudly continues to grow her family business with the help of her children.

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches

5. Virginia Philip Wine Spirits & Academy by Virginia Philip

Opened in 2011 by Virginia Philip, the Virginia Philip Wine Spirits & Academy in Palm Beach offers 1000+ personally selected wine offerings with labels ranging in price from $10 to $1000+ and an extensive spirits collection along with weekly wine education programs.

About Virginia: Virginia Philip is not only the owner of the Virginia Philip Wine Spirits & Academy, but also the wine director at the iconic Breakers Palm Beach resort. in 2002, Virginia became the eleventh woman in the world to earn the extraordinary accreditation of Master Sommelier. In 2020, she was named by WINWSA (Women in Wine & Spirits Association) as 1 of 50 of the most influential women in wine & spirits.

6. A Little Wyld by Amanda Perna & Skye Dyer

A Little Wyld is a curated boutique located in Pineapple Grove, Delray Beach, that provides stylish women, home decorators, and thoughtful gift-givers with whimsical, high-quality, and memorable products that celebrate their unique style! Owned and operated by Amanda Perna and Skye Dyer, A Little Wyld infuses the bliss of childhood into every product and shopping experience. 

About Amanda & Skye: Amanda and Skye are moms to young kids, professional artists, and active members in Delray Beach. They are both obsessed with all things color, high-quality, ethical, and sustainable practices. After being introduced by a mutual friend, they decided to use their shared passion for family, fashion, and fun to make a positive impact in their local community.

7. Blue Mountain Coffee House by Allison Boettcher

Owned by Allison Boettcher, Blue Mountain Coffee House offers exclusively authentic and top-quality coffee. Originating in the heart of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, the coffee beans are carefully harvested, expertly roasted, and thoughtfully transported from the mountain peaks to this local coffee house.

Sourced from a single-origin family estate, this coffee ensures a true taste of Jamaica’s finest. With a diverse menu featuring homemade organic pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict, and imported steak filet and eggs, everyone is treated to a culinary experience like no other. To accompany their meals, guests can enjoy freshly baked breads and pastries. And for those looking for a refreshing and healthful beverage, the Mini Juice Corner offers a variety of options.

About Allison:  Allison Boettcher traces her passion for exquisite flavors back to her childhood days spent amidst the landscape of St. Andrew, Jamaica. At her grandparents’ estate, Allison developed a deep appreciation for the essence of fresh coffee beans, the richness of cocoa fruit and Caribbean fruits. This passion followed her to Germany, where she further explored European cuisine, which now influences the food offerings at her coffee house.

Now settled in South Florida, Allison finds joy in sharing her love for coffee with her family and community at Blue Mountain Coffee House.

Blue mountain coffee house

8. Rohi’s Readery by Pranati Kumar Skomra

Founded and operated by Pranati (Pranoo) Kumar Skomra, Rohi’s Readery is a social justice driven children’s bookstore dedicated to critical literacy that promotes inclusivity and diversity. The award-winning bookstore is named after Pranti’s daughter Rohini and her Annama (which means grandmother in Hindi). The bookstore serves as a space for empowerment, belonging and accessibility for all. Rohi’s readery offers educational programming for children and adults through themed events, story time, STEAM classes, guest talks and more.

About Pranati: Pranati is a proud immigrant daughter of Konkani Indian parents, a mummy, wife and educator committed to liberating education. She holds a Bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Medical Sciences, and a Masters in Education and Special Education. Over the years she has taught, led, worked with and founded a number of elementary school systems and programs.  In 2019, she created her own education consulting experience, divHERse, serving as the Founder and Educational Leader/Coach.

Storytime with Rohi's Readery at Rosemary Square

9. Camilla Webster Studio by Camilla Webster

Camilla Webster Studio is a unique creative space draws hundreds of visitors a year seeking a unique experience with the artist Camilla Webster, and to visit the workshop and retail space for Love From Palm Beach. Love From Palm Beach offers designs inspired by the lively colorful and historic elegance of Palm Beach. The Love From Pam Beach collection includes bags, water bottles, golf towels, home decor, stationary, prints and more.

About Camilla: Camilla Webster is a renowned South Florida artist and best-selling author. Her abstract and impressionist paintings have graced galleries worldwide, yet she picked The Palm Beaches as her permanent home and muse. Her often-epic museum collected paintings have focused on the essence of the human spirit, connection, healing, and the societal issues through abstracted landscapes and seascapes.

10. Trindy Gourmet by Trinnette Morris

Founded by Chef Trinnette Morris, Trindy Gourmet is a specialty catering service and café located in the Historic Northwest District of West Palm Beach. It is perfect for any type of event, from weddings, corporate luncheons and non-profit galas to class reunions and seminars. The company takes care of everything you need to make your event an impeccable one, from the food to the smallest details. Trindy Gourmet also offers certified culinary and catering classes to aspiring industry professionals, organizing workshops, catering coaching services, mentorship, and apprenticeship programs.

About Trinette: Trinnette has more than 20-years of industry experience as a personal celebrity chef and culinary educator. Besides being a renowned culinary industry professional, Trinnette is also a resource guide aiming at educating community members and future generations on the importance of healthy food preparation. Among her many accolades and achievements, Trinnette has been honored with the “2016 Black Chamber Small Business of the Year” and received Legacy South Florida’s “50 Most Powerful Black Leaders in Business & Industry” award in early 2019.

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches
Courtesy of Trindy Gourmet

11. Queen of Sheeba by Lojo Washington

Nestled in the Historic Northwest of West Palm Beach and owned by Lojo Washington, Queen of Sheeba showcases the finest of Ethiopian culinary tradition. With its inviting menu of vibrant Ethiopian flavors, Queen of Sheeba offers a fusion of traditional home-style dishes and contemporary twists.

From classics like wot and siga to innovative creations, every dish is a celebration of authentic Ethiopian cuisine, prepared using a blend of locally sourced and imported ingredients.

 Since its opening in March 2006, Queen of Sheeba has evolved from a soul food takeout spot to a sit-down restaurant and a haven for those seeking the true taste of Ethiopia.

About Lojo: At the heart of Queen of Sheeba is chef-owner Lojo Washington. Her journey started in the streets of Jimma, Ethiopia, where she learned to cook at her mother’s side. Drawing upon the recipes passed down from her mother, Washington’s passion for cooking found expression when she opened Queen of Sheeba in 2006. With a vision to share the flavors of her homeland with her community, Washington has transformed her establishment from a humble takeout spot to a full-fledged restaurant. Since then, Washington continues to enchant diners with the soulful essence of Ethiopian cuisine, making Queen of Sheeba a culinary destination like no other.

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches
Courtesy of @queenofsheebawpb

12. Rose’s Daughter by Suzanne Perrotto

Situated in the heart of downtown Delray Beach, Rose’s Daughter is a contemporary Trattoria blending American and Italian flavors, offering a variety of homemade pastas, charcuterie, pies, cheeses, gelato, and other delectable dishes. Chef and owner Suzanne Perrotto infuses her culinary creations with her distinctive creativity, drawing inspiration from her upbringing in a family restaurant nestled in the neighborhoods of New York.

About Suzanne: Chef Perrotto is second generation chef/owner. She grew up in her family’s Trattoria in New York, where she started developing her passion for cooking. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, Suzanne launched her culinary career in many kitchens across the country. She then opened Brulé in 2008 and Rose’s Daughter in Summer 2019.

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches
Courtesy of Rose’s Daughter

13. Chunkay by Wendy and Evita

Owned and operated by Wendy and Evita, Chunkay is proudly women-owned and specializes in serving authentic, contemporary Trinidadian cuisine.

Their menu features a variety of dishes such as curries, rotis, fresh soups, salads, rice and noodle bowls, and “Trini” street foods. Initially established as a Ghost Kitchen in 2020, Chunkay utilized its proprietary web application to operate. Over time, it has evolved into a full-fledged restaurant that celebrates Trinidad’s multicultural heritage, encompassing influences from Indian, African, Amerindian, South Asian, Chinese, Arab, Spanish, British, French, and Dutch cuisines.

About Wendy and Evita: Wendy and Evita mission is to introduce Trinidadian Cuisine to The Palm Beaches. Their marriage inspired the creation of Chunkay, blending Chef Wendy’s culinary prowess with Evita’s versatile business acumen. The term “Chunkay,” meaning “Saute” in Trinidadian dialect, symbolizes their shared vision. Chef Wendy curates the menu, utilizing traditional scratch cooking techniques and expertise. Additionally, the restaurant offers vegan options, catering to diverse dietary preferences in its modest open-air setting.

10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches
Courtesy of @chunkayfoods


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