10 Women-Owned Businesses in The Palm Beaches

Here are 10 female-owned businesses to support this Women’s History Month—and beyond.

There is a plethora of women-owned businesses that provide exceptional products and services in The Palm Beaches. From home decor to healthy juices and vegan goodies, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite local businesses led by inspiring women.

Herbs and tea jars at Herbs & Earth
Herbs & Earth, Northwood Village, West Palm Beach


1. Island Living Tours by Leslie Diver

Island Living Tours was founded 15 years ago by Leslie Diver, a true Palm Beach insider. Her educative yet entertaining tours bring visitors around the best spots in Palm Beach and surroundings, from Worth Avenue on the island to antique Row in West Palm Beach. Whether you want to know more about our architecture, our history, or our famous residents, her tours will show you the best of Palm Beach! You can opt for a walking tour, a biking tour, or a driving tour. Pick your favorite one here.

About Leslie: Leslie moved to the town of Palm Beach more than 35 years ago. After a 26-year-long career as a financial adviser, she decided to start her private touring company. She served on both Palm Beach’s Architectural Review Commission and Landmarks Preservation Commission for 10 years. In her free time, Leslie loves going to the beach and watching Miami Heat games while enjoying a tasty take-out dinner.


2. The Regional by Lindsay Autry

Located on Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach, The Regional offers a new dining experience―a combination of classic American cuisine with Southern and Mediterranean influences. Curated by Chef Lindsay Autry, the menu features delicious dishes ranging from Italian bucatini and gnocchi to ribeye and fish specials like grilled octopus, salmon, and cobia. The Regional was named “#1 Best Restaurant in Palm Beach County in 2016” by The Palm Beach Post. Make your reservation here.   About Lindsay: Born in North Carolina, Chef Lindsay Autry is considered one of America’s top chefs. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University, she held several chef positions at restaurants on the East Coast and in Mexico. She then made headlines as a finalist on Bravo’s ninth season of “Top Chef.” In 2018 – 2020, Lindsay received James Beard Foundation nominations for “Best Chef: South.”


3. Happylicious by Betsy by Betsy Cohen

Happylicious by Betsy offers delicious cookie dough and brownie batter in a jar. You can choose among several special flavors such as key lime, coconut rum, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, amaretto, cinnamon donut, chocolate chip, caffeinated Irishman, and lime in the coconut. All flavors are perfect for a dessert, as snack, or to mix into your favorite ice cream. You can purchase Happylicious products in one of Betsy’s physical stores, or you can order your jar of happiness here.

About Betsy: Since she was a child, Betsy has always loved fresh desserts her mom and grandparents used to make for her. In 2012, she started working part-time in the office of a bakery. But there, all cakes were made-to-order, meaning that Betsy couldn’t enjoy any leftover slices. She started treating herself with frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls. And that’s when she came up with the idea of her business. Three years later, she finally decided to turn her immense love for cookie dough balls into Happylicious.


4. Alchemy Juice Co. & Market by Jennifer Wesley-Mazzola

Alchemy Juice Co. & Market is a local eatery centered around health and wellness. Located on Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach, this sophisticated and feminine place serves fresh juices and smoothies, Acai bowls, sandwiches, salads, soups, baked goods, and breakfast favorites (their avocado toast is amazing!). Check out the full menu here. Alchemy Juice Co. & Market was opened by Jennifer Wesley-Mazzola with the aim of helping people be the best that they can be through health, wellness, and positivity.

About Jennifer: Jennifer grew up on an island with a holistic, hippie mom who sourced things like herbs, teas, natural peanut butter and fresh baked bread. Since she was a child, she started learning the value of health and wellness and their correlation with nutrition. Many years later, her mom purchased a juicer to heal from her injury after an accident. In that moment, Jennifer witnessed the power of nature in healing the body. After taking a course in Nutritional Healing, she started juicing at home for friends and family. In 2014, Jennifer began her home-based juice delivery business and, seven years later, she moved her business in downtown―and Alchemy Juice Co. & Market was born.


5. This Chick Is Raw by Brittny Schwartz

This Chick Is Raw provides 100% organic, gourmet, raw prepared meals and raw fermented beverages and foods. Everything is also 100% vegan! This Chick Is Raw was opened in 2013 by Brittny Schwarz with the goal of providing beneficial beverages and foods to help people ease digestive and skin problems, as well as increasing vitality, improving longevity, and immune disorders. You can buy Brittny’s products here.

About Brittny: Brittny Schwartz holds a bachelor and Master’s in biological sciences at Nova Southeastern University, South Florida. She also holds a CPT and specialist in performance nutrition certification. When Brittny was 14, her mom was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). It’s in that moment that she started cultivating her interest in natural healing modalities. She began studying Chinese and Persian healing with herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Later, she did an apprenticeship with a holistic practitioner and learned more about the power of raw, living, and fermented foods. She soon started making homemade, probiotic rich foods and beverages, and, in 2013, she launched This Chick Is Raw.


6. Pure Vegan Cakes Bakery by Sira Garib  

Pure Vegan Cakes Bakery in West Palm Beach sells vegan, plant based, dairy free, allergy friendly, and gluten free goodies, such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other desserts. Owned by Sira Garib, the bakery started out as a simple cake decorating class and lately evolved into a successful business that helps people with dietary restrictions who do not want to give up on their dose of sweetness. Sira and her team caters for many allergies such as gluten, peanut, tree nuts, soy, almond, wheat, and coconut. They can also bake keto and sugar free goods upon request. All cakes and desserts are produced in a strict vegan environment with extra precaution for special dietary needs. Click here to order your vegan cake!

About Sira: As a vegan herself, Sira noticed the lack of options for vegan desserts in our area and decided to experiment several vegan recipes and products. But soon, she realized that vegan options were not enough. She started receiving requests for special dietary needs and realized that the choice for those customers with allergies or nutritional restrictions was very narrow. Sira decided to take on the challenge and started baking delicious cakes everyone can enjoy regardless of dietary restrictions.


7. Pioneer Linens by Penny Murphy

Pioneer Linens is an iconic and well-known store located on Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, that has recently celebrated 110 years of business. The 8,000-square-foot showroom offers high-quality luxury bed linens, bath towels and rugs, as well as various home decorations and accessories―all of this paired with attentive customer service of knowledgeable personal shoppers. Pioneer Linens opened its doors in 1912, starting out as a hardware software owned by Max Greenberg. Today, the business is run by Penny Murphy, Max’s granddaughter and the third-generation owner of Pioneer Linens. Check out Pioneer Linens’ elegant home décor here.

About Penny: Originally an educator, Penny Murphy founded the first area kindergarten in Wellington, Florida. Later, she became Vice President of Pioneer Linens from 1995 to 2007, continuing what her grandfather started. In 2007, Penny became President of Pioneer Linens, after her father George Greenberg passed away. Today, Penny proudly continues to grow her family business with the help of her children.


8. Trindy Gourmet by Trinnette Morris

Founded by Chef Trinnette Morris, Trindy Gourmet is a specialty catering service and café located on Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach. It is perfect for any type of event, from weddings, corporate luncheons and non-profit galas to class reunions and seminars. The company takes care of everything you need to make your event an impeccable one, from the food to the smallest details. Check out Trindy’s delicious grazing boards here. Trindy Gourmet also offers certified culinary and catering classes to aspiring industry professionals, organizing workshops, catering coaching services, mentorship, and apprenticeship programs.

About Trinette: Trinnette has more than 20-years of industry experience as a personal celebrity chef and culinary educator. Besides being a renowned culinary industry professional, Trinnette is also a resource guide aiming at educating community members and future generations on the importance of healthy food preparation. Among her many accolades and achievements, Trinnette has been honored with the “2016 Black Chamber Small Business of the Year” and received Legacy South Florida’s “50 Most Powerful Black Leaders in Business & Industry” award in early 2019.


9. Herbs & Earth by Amy Ashway

Herbs & Earth is a metaphysical market offering over 300 organic fair-trade herbs and teas, salts, spices, roots, resins, flowers, essential oils, incense, hand-rolled sage bundles, crystals, sterling silver jewelry and more! You can find a detailed products’ catalog here. Located in the charming district of Northwood in West Palm Beach, Herbs & Earth was created to help communities―both local and virtual―get their source of affordable, organic, and holistic additions to their health and spiritual regimen. Opened and run by Amy Ashway, this holistic market has been in business for more than two years now.

About Amy: Amy opened Herbs & Earth in June 2018, aiming at bringing to our community amazing natural gifts from Earth that were left here for all of us. She loves her clients, who she believes think differently as they are on the path for progress and solutions. She also loves working in Northwood―a place where people can truly feel the passion, the integrity and the love that each business owner in this charming district puts in their job.


10. Wine House Social by Dina L. Branham

Wine House Social is a wine bar, a boutique wine shoppe, a tasting area, and a work area with charging stations and iPads located in the district of Pineapple Grove, Delray Beach. Owned by Dina L Branham, the wine house is specialized in organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines (available by the glass or by the bottle), organic beer, charcuterie boards, and small bites to accompany your glass of wine. They also organize several wine-related events, such as wine tastings, wine pairings, “paint and sip,” networking opportunities, private parties, and more. All their wines have no pesticides and no added sulfites. Check out their wine menu here.

About Dina: Dina L Branham is a business owner, artist, realtor and broker. She opened the Wine House Social in 2018, when she decided to bring together her passions for wines and real estate, combining them with fun social experiences.