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A Local's Guide to Signature Ethnic Dishes

A Local’s Guide to Signature Ethnic Dishes

Check out some of the most popular and diverse dishes in The Palm Beaches.

The Palm Beaches are known for incredible tourist attractions, sandy beaches and a rich cultural scene. The destination’s dynamic makeup includes restaurants that explore tastes and cuisines from all around the world. From Palm Beach Gardens to Boca Raton, discover a sampling of The Palm Beaches’ diverse cuisine offerings from Thai and Jamaican to Colombian and Vietnamese and so much more.


Pho & Banh Mi from Inch & Ounces One could probably argue that one of the most well-known signature dishes in Vietnam is pho. Pho, pronounced “fuh,” is a dish composed of broth, rice noodles, meats (like chicken, shrimp or beef) and various vegetables. Inch & Ounces on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach is best known for its authentic version of this hearty meal. Another one of Vietnam’s famous signature dishes is banh mi. A sandwich made with meats, vegetables and condiments, this is a great meal option that pairs well with a sweet drink. Branded as high-end Vietnamese street food, Inch & Ounces is a perfect place to try these dishes.

Pho from Inch & Ounces, West Palm Beach
Pho soup at Inch & Ounces, photo by Alisha L. (@heyalishahey)


Pad Thai from Malakor Thai Cafe Pad Thai is a staple of Thai cuisine, and Malakor Thai Cafe in West Palm Beach’s Northwood Village neighborhood boasts different options including beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables. This Thai oasis nestled between an art garden and local shops is the perfect place to enjoy one of Thailand’s most renowned dishes. It’s a must-have in The Palm Beaches, completed with rice noodles and Malakor’s homemade peanut butter and fish sauce.

Pad Thai from Malakor Thai Cafe
Pad Thai from Malakor Thai Cafe; photo by Alisha L. (@heyalishahey)


Blue Mountain Coffee from Blue Mountain Coffee House Also off Clematis Street in West Palm Beach facing popular The Square is Blue Mountain Coffee House. This charming coffee shop serves the most delicate blend of the internationally acclaimed Blue Mountain coffee from the Jamaican owner’s family estate. Blue Mountain coffee is the world’s highest mountain-grown coffee, grown at more than 7,000 feet. What makes this coffee so special is the creamy sweetness and lack of bitterness. This coffee shop also boasts breakfast and lunch offerings, desserts, fresh juices and a wine bar. Enjoy a plate of Jamaican ackee and saltfish along with your beverage.

Blue Mountain Coffee House, West Palm Beach
Inside Blue Mountain Coffee House; photo by Alisha L. (@heyalishahey)

Trinidad & Tobago

Curry Chicken from Curry Tabanca “Tabanca” is a phrase often used in the Caribbean country of Trinidad & Tobago to describe a strong feeling of longing. Curry Tabanca in Greenacres will indeed have you missing its tantalizing curry dishes. One of the signature dishes is the curry chicken, which can be served with rice and Channa Masala, a mix of curry potatoes and chickpeas; or with dhal puri, Indian flatbread. Currently, this cozy restaurant is offering its wide variety of dishes for takeout only due to the pandemic.

Chicken curry at Curry Tabanca
Curry Tabanca’s chicken curry served with roti; photo by Alisha L. (@heyalishahey)


Mangonada from Chulas This Mexican-owned dessert eatery in the heart of Lake Worth offers a variety of Mexican-style shaved ice and ice cream. One of the best desserts at Chulas is the Mangonada, which is guaranteed to satisfy both your sweet tooth and savory taste buds. This mango sorbet is served in a cup mixed with mango chunks and topped off with a sweet and spicy chili sauce. If you’re craving candy, this colorful spot also has a large variety of Mexican candy and sodas for you to enjoy as well.

Mangonada dessert from Chulas
The Mangonada at Chulas; photo by Alisha L. (@heyalishahey)


Colombian Coffee from Salento Coffee Shop Colombia is known for its arepas and sancocho, a hearty soup, but another “dish” that is recognized almost everywhere is delicious Colombian coffee. In the heart of downtown West Palm Beach, Salento Coffee Shop offers this staple drink made from Colombia’s homegrown arabica beans known for their rich flavor and sweet undertones. This tasty coffee pairs well with the restaurant’s homemade pasteles, stuffed with fillings like chicken, beef, guava and cheese.


Ceviche and Arroz con Mariscos from Victoria’s Peruvian Cuisine Known for its incredible seafood dishes, Peru is home to some of the best ceviche in the world. Victoria’s Peruvian Cuisine in Lantana serves the tasty dish in a fine dining setting. Featuring fresh seafood, like shrimp, the ceviche is smothered in lime juice with red onions, fresh cilantro, corn and sweet potatoes. In addition, each meal at Victoria’s is served with a side of cancha salada — toasted, dried Chulpe corn. Seafood paella is another popular dish in Latin American countries, and Peru has its spin on the renowned meal. Arroz con mariscos is a delicious dish featuring yellow rice, shrimp, oysters, calamari and vegetables topped with red onions and cilantro. Try it with a glass of red wine for an excellent pairing.

Seafood paella, Victoria's Peruvian Cuisine
Arroz con mariscos from Victoria’s; photo by Alisha L. (@heyalishahey)


Souvlaki from Souvlaki Fast With locations in multiple cities in The Palm Beaches, including Palm Beach Gardens, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, Souvlaki Fast serves some of the most popular and most delicious Greek food in the region. A famous Greek entree, souvlaki are skewers consisting of meats, vegetables or seafood cooked over a grill. Souvlaki Fast offers this dish in a platter-style with a side of tzatziki sauce, pita bread, Greek salad and a choice of rice or French fries. This tasty dish can also be served in a pita, which is an excellent option for a quick bite on the go.


Bistec de Palomilla at Don Ramon Cuban Cuisine You can find some of Cuba’s signature dishes at Don Ramon Cuban Cuisine in Wellington. This neighborhood favorite offers some of the best Cuban entrees and desserts in The Palm Beaches. A classic choice is the bistec de palomilla, which includes a Cuban-style cut of beef, marinated in adobo and lime, seared on the grill, and topped with garlic and fresh onions. The best way to enjoy the meal is with a side of rice and black beans or fried plantains. Make sure you wash this delicious meal down with a cold Jupiña, a popular pineapple soda.


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