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Vegan-Friendly Dining Options in The Palm Beaches

Vegan-Friendly Dining Options in The Palm Beaches

Local vegan resident lists her favorite spots

Hi friends!   I’m drea. I’m a local South Florida blogger over at ohdeardrea and a vegan cookbook author as well.  I’m always happy to be here in this tropical, palm tree and banana tree place – especially in winter. The Palm Beaches have changed a lot in the past 10 or so years of me living in Florida, but I can say, pretty confidently, that it’s only gotten better.

drea at Celi’s Produce

  With my husband being a chef and me being food obsessed, we cook a lot at home. Our daughter loves helping out in the kitchen too – our whole lives really revolve around food. From farms to markets to cooking at home – but every once in a while we enjoy a good break from the kitchen, and we escape to enjoy an easy and delicious meal out and about. I’ve put together a list of some of our favorite eateries in The Palm Beaches. None of them are exclusively vegan, but they all have really delicious vegan options – making them great for dining with vegans and omnivores as well.    Joy Noodle West Palm Beach

Vegan-Friendly Dining Options in The Palm Beaches
Photo courtesy Joy Noodles

Joy Noodle is easily one of our favorite restaurants. It’s almost always pretty busy. The service is great – especially from Joy, the owner. And the food is better. The menu isn’t too clear on what items are vegan or not, but the staff very easily and happily explains which items are vegan and which ones can be made vegan as well. The meals are light feeling, but filling. And always fresh.   HMF Palm Beach Feeling like a fancy night out? HMF has a great weekend night out atmosphere. Dim-lit room, cocktails, and a whole separate vegan and vegetarian menu of the most delicious tapas to enjoy. Maybe I’m biased because my husband is a chef there, but everything is super good! Make sure you try the baby artichokes and the olives.    Howley’s  West Palm Beach Howley’s doesn’t have a lot of vegan options – but if you’re craving greasy diner food (at basically any hour of the day), Howley’s has a great house-made veggie burger. Too often restaurants serve frozen patties out of the supermarket for their veggie burgers, but never at Howley’s. The burger comes with a fruit plate, but I’d recommend switching it out for a side of fries, tots, or sweet potato fries. Pro tip: it’s especially good at 1 a.m., after a night out.    Celis Produce West Palm Beach

Vegan-Friendly Dining Options in The Palm Beaches
Courtesy Celis Produce Facebook

There are a lot of juice bars that seem to be popping up here and there, but Celis is 100% our favorite. We run in there for quick grocery needs (fruits, veggies, almond milk, whatever) at least once a week, but we head there maybe 4 times a week for smoothies and juices. I’m a big fan of the green juice, while my daughter grabs a berry smoothie every single time. They also have a few small items like acai bowls, or pre-made salads to go.  Oh and if you’re lucky and can find it before it sells out, the husband chef sells his bread there once a week – typically Fridays.    India Palace West Palm Beach There’s a lot of good Indian places in the area (Taste of India, Sapphire, Saffron) – but India Palace has the best lunch buffet by far. At least half of the buffet is entirely vegan – just be sure you always ask, since it’s not labeled. :)    The Chickpea Boynton Beach and Downtown West Palm Beach

Vegan-Friendly Dining Options in The Palm Beaches
Courtesy The Chickpea Facebook

The Chickpea has quickly become our go to spot when we’re hungry and we want something fast, cheap, and healthy. I mean really, how often do you find something that’s fast and cheap and healthy, too? Oh, and delicious of course. Everything is clearly labeled vegan and vegetarian. There are a lot of options and combinations, but my favorite is simply the  ‘vegan bowl’ with a few extra toppings. :)    The A.M. Shift  West Palm Beach Our breakfast spot. Breakfast is certainly the hardest as a vegan, isn’t it? The A.M. Shift has a nice and easy vibe with a small, healthy vegan-friendly menu. Coffee is served with almond milk when asked.   Queen of Sheeba West Palm Beach The one and only Ethiopian place in the area. A cute vibe and most of the menu is vegan, healthy, and yummy, too. Great for a slow dinner and lunch – not to be visited in a rush.    Grato West Palm Beach Craving pizza? There are a few places with vegan pizza options (Mellow Mushroom, Pizza By Design, and Whole Foods), but Grato might be the best, authentic and artisan pizza. They have a vegan cheese (not listed on menu), but even just making your own cheese-less pizza is a great option. Try Pizza by Design or Mellow Mushroom for gluten free options.    Like I said, this area is growing, with new options all the time. But for now, these are our current staples and favorites – the most delicious, or healthiest, or best atmosphere all around. And with the exception of a fake cheese option on the pizza, all real ingredients and real food. :) Happy Florida sunshine and happy dining, friends!  


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