Kick Off Spa & Wellness Month with This Legs Workout

September 12, 2019

Spa & Wellness Month is coming up this October, and we worked with local personal trainer and fitness blogger Olivia Figueroa to create a legs workout to get your gams in shape. Try it out, and then put your moves to the test at DistrictFit, a three-day wellness festival happening in West Palm Beach this October 10-13!

Summer is almost over, but that's no reason to quit your summer-body goals. Visiting or living in South Florida, where the weather is gorgeous year-round, getting in a workout is probably easier than you realize—you don't need a full gym, and it doesn't have to be complicated. All you need is some motivation, a step or chair, and some open space to fire up your glutes, calves and quads. Not only will you feel a burn and elevate your heart rate, but bodyweight exercises are also important for practicing proper form for when you do add weights. Check out this super effective leg circuit that you can do on your own time, anywhere! Repeat the circuit twice, following the repetitions.

Reverse Lunge Twist

Reverse lunge twistReverse lunge twist
Start standing with your feet hip width apart, hands on the back of the head, elbows wide. Step backwards with the right leg, bending the knees to create two 90-degree angles. Twist torso to the left, engaging the core and keeping the lower body stable. Untwist and push through the left heel to return to standing. Repeat on other leg. Complete 15 sets.

High-Knee Toe Taps

High-knee toe tapsHigh-knee toe taps
Stand facing a step or chair, hands on the hips or natural arms by the sides. Keeping a tall back and lifted chest, tap the right toes on the edge, then switch to the left toes. Quickly alternate legs while keeping the core engaged. Complete 15 sets.

Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge

Side lungeCurtsy lunge
Start standing tall with the feet hip width apart. Take a big step to the right, keeping toes parallel and keeping left leg straight. Hips should push back with the lunge to make sure the right knee does not pass the toes. With a tight core, push through the right leg to come up through standing, then immediately step back and across the midline to a curtsy lunge, bending deep into the right leg. After 15 reps, repeat with the left leg.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumpsSquat jumps
Stand with the feet slightly wider than hip width. Send the hips back and sit low into a squat with the arms out in front of the torso. Jump high off the ground, straightening the legs and swinging the arms down to the side. Land with bent knees and a tight core back into the beginning squat position. Complete 15 reps.

Split Lunge to Kick Back

KickbackKickback lunge
Start standing with the legs apart, feet parallel and back heel lifted. Bend the knees into a lunge, not letting the front knee pass the toes. Push through the ground to stand up and raise the back leg by squeezing the glute. Lower the back leg and go back into the lunge. After 15 reps, repeat with the other leg.

Plié Squat

Plie squatPlie squat
Stand with feet much wider than hip width, toes slightly pointed outwards. Bend the knees into a low squat, keeping the tailbone slightly tucked and the inner thighs facing forward. Push through the ground to stand up, squeezing the thighs and glutes at the top. Complete 15 reps.

Single-Leg Hip Bridge

Single-leg hip raiseSingle-leg hip raise
Lying down face up, keep one knee bent and the other leg extended straight up. With a flexed foot, push the heel up and lift the hips evenly off the ground by squeezing the glutes tight. At the top, the hips and shoulders should create a diagonal line. Release the hips back down and repeat for 15 reps before switching legs.

Face-Down Rainbows

Face-down rainbowFace-down rainbow
Start on all fours with square shoulders and hips. Extend one leg back and up, keeping proper alignment with the hip and shoulder. Keeping the thighs and core engaged, move the straight leg up and over to tap across the midline then up and over to the other side. The working leg stays straight and should be totally engaged (especially the glute!) as it taps side to side.  Complete 15 rainbow reps before switching to the other leg.

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Olivia Figueroa
Olivia Figueroa
Olivia Figueroa is a certified personal trainer, fitness model and blogger based in Palm Beach. A former dancer, she’s had a lifelong passion for movement and health. Olivia designs personalized workouts for weight loss, toning, wedding prep, prenatal and postnatal, and overall wellness—helping men and women achieve long-term results through challenging workouts and proper nutrition is her main focus. She incorporates a variety of fitness disciplines into her training style, such as Barre and Pilates, and offers group and online training.