A Whole New Twist on Yoga in The Palm Beaches

Yoga fans, let go of the blasé. The Palm Beaches have a better way. Visit our subtropical vacation paradise and while you’re here, take advantage of these five unique ways to align your mind, body and spirit:


1). Twilight Yoga at the Lighthouse – On the deck of the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse experience a serene yoga experience every Monday evening. The class is open to all levels and showcases spectacular sunsets from a unique vantage point. Make sure to bring a yoga mat and flashlight. Classes are at 6 p.m. every Monday in February, with times adjusted in future months to coincide with the setting sun.

2). YOW (Yoga on the Water) – Who needs studios, wood floors and mats when you can practice this ancient art on a paddleboard in the warm breezes of the Atlantic Ocean? At Paddle Boarding Palm Beach, instructor Chris Eliades employs his own unique approach to guide students from pose to pose. He makes sure everyone is comfortable on the board and also covers basic paddle techniques. And when you’re done, the Bee Organics team makes fresh organic protein smoothies to feed your body and spirit.

3). Bamboo Garden Yoga – You know that friend down the street who makes a big fuss about her bamboo yoga mat? Wait until you tell her about your amazing yoga session in a bamboo garden! Bamboo Garden Yoga operates in the midst of a peaceful bamboo grove in Delray Beach.

4). Yoga in the Air – Remember back in the dark ages of late 1900s and the turn of the millennium when people did yoga on the ground? What were they thinking? Aerial yoga is the latest trend and Delray Aerial Yoga is a great option. Experience yoga off the ground, with the aid of silk “hammocks.” Benefits include: spinal decompression, better alignment and posture, deeper poses thanks to gravity and inversions that help the lymphatic system.

5). Yoga on the Beach – With 47 miles of soft, sandy shores, you didn’t think we were going to forget the beaches, did you? One of the most relaxing yoga experiences in The Palm Beaches takes place at Red Reef Park, an ocean side park in Boca Raton. Contact Yoga at the Beach to schedule a class. Several of their classes are sunset sessions, helping you to make a strong connection with nature amidst a most exquisite backdrop.

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