Relocate to The Palm Beaches

When it comes to relocation, The Palm Beaches offer the greatest places to live and work in South Florida.

Looking at moving to South Florida? Already know The Palm Beaches are your Florida relocation destination? Or are you a business looking to find a new site in Florida? No worries, we can help you navigate relocation – and show you why The Palm Beaches are Florida’s premier vacation destination.

Ready to Move South?
Are you ready to make that big life change and move to one of the best areas in the country? If you need any help planning your relocation, Palm Beach County’s local economic development organization,  the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, offer complimentary concierge services to you, including:

  • Site inventory and escorted tours of available properties, personally conducted by professional relocation and expansion staff.
  • Private tours of public and private K-20 schools with principals, headmasters, and university presidents.
  • Tours of family-friendly neighborhoods.
  • Information on grants, assistance, and financial incentives is available through the State of Florida, Palm Beach County, and our 39 municipalities.
  • Assistance in finding quality workforce.
  • Introductions to elected officials and local business leaders including city and county commissioners, city mayors, county mayor, and delegates from the state level.
  • Review of available housing and cost of living data.
  • Demographics and labor market information.
  • Introductions to professional service providers such as: banks, law firms, employment agencies, and accounting firms.
  • Technical presentations tailored to the company's specific location requirements.
  • Private introductions to philanthropic organizations, and art and cultural societies, based on your interests.
Contact [email protected] to take advantage of these services

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