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Meet the Lilly Pulitzer Guide to The Palm Beaches

Meet the Lilly Pulitzer Guide to The Palm Beaches

A Little Lilly, A Lotta Travel

Every traveler has their own style, but not all trips are created equal—and that’s where we come in. In the spirit of inspired travel, Discover The Palm Beaches and Lilly Pulitzer have collaborated to bring you The Lilly Pulitzer Guide to The Palm Beaches, full of travel itineraries and outfits based on the way you travel. Browse vacation styles below, then click to see a curated itinerary of things to do here—and a handpicked outfit to match. 

So, which one are you?

The Jetsetter

You look for culture. You love discovering the beating heart of every destination, from the food to local haunts to the history that makes a place what it is. Your jet-setting itinerary through The Palm Beaches includes guided tours at landmarks like the Flagler Museum, a visit to Old School Square in Delray Beach for an art experience like no other, and unforgettable nights out … plus so much more.

The Beach Lover

You come to The Palm Beaches for—what else—the beach! But it’s so much more than just the beach that you love. You enjoy fresh air and freedom. Your schedule might be looser than others, and that’s just how you like it. Your beaches-heavy tour through Palm Beach County includes meeting rescued sea turtles at Loggerhead Marinelife Center, ecotourism adventures, and finding all the best beaches.  

Meet the Lilly Pulitzer Guide to The Palm Beaches

The Luxe Traveler You give enough of yourself every day, and now you’re ready to receive with relaxing treatments and experiences that recharge and reset. Your luxurious itinerary includes the ultimate in relaxation at Eau Palm Beach’s Eau Spa, brunch at one of the best brunch spots in the area, and a memorable day out on the water aboard a charter yacht or sailboat.  

Meet the Lilly Pulitzer Guide to The Palm Beaches


The Adventurer

You’re always up for action and ready to go—there’s too much to see and do! You seize the day and look to get the most out of every trip. Your adventurous trip includes scuba diving or snorkeling along The Palm Beaches’ natural coral structures, taking a yoga class in a manatee hot spot, and going deep into the Florida Everglades.

No matter which persona speaks to you, there’s a style to fit it. And it’s no accident The Palm Beaches and Lilly Pulitzer go hand in hand. Lilly got her start right here in Palm Beach in the late 1950s with patterned shifts and fresh-squeezed juice.

The bright colors and patterns that are Lilly Pulitzer’s signature never hide and never shy away from being themselves. And we invite you to do the same. 


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