Aerial of Boca Raton

Downtown Boca Raton Entertainment District

A City for All Seasons Outdoor concerts, an art museum, cafés, and retail shops highlight Mizner Park, while the rest of downtown has a delightful collection of more stores and eateries. And make sure to samba during Brazilian Beat.

The Downtown Scene
The jewel in the crown of this exciting urban district, Mizner Park, features beautifully landscaped town-gathering places and great cultural attractions. The Boca Raton Museum of Art has an excellent collection, and globally-recognized traveling exhibitions. Just outside Mizner Park, you’ll find upscale retailers, bistros, and outdoor cafes in Royal Palm Place.
Come to the Events
Special event wise, Mizner Park Amphitheater features the Festival of the Arts BOCA and do a samba dance in Sanborn Square when Brazilian Beat rolls along.  
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