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Lake Clarke Shores

Lake Clarke Shores

Lake Clarke Shores, Florida, is celebrated for its rich pineapple-farming history and recreational allure.

Loved for its laid-back atmosphere and easy water access, Lake Clarke Shores is a true respite from nearby urban centers. This tiny, primarily residential town is just a 15-minute drive from vibrant West Palm Beach and it’s less than 10 minutes from Palm Springs.

Things to Do Nearby

The vast majority of industry in Lake Clarke Shores is centered around a stretch of Forest Hill Boulevard, which is located on the town’s most northern side.

Five public parks offer bountiful ways to relax and recreate outdoors. Boat Ramp Park, for instance, features a 40-foot-long dock, another 150-square-foot floating dock plus a handy launch for kayakers. Memorial Park boasts scenic landscaping, paved walking/bike trail, a flag-brick plaza and a cascading water fountain. Pine Tree Park offers a shaded walking path and a tree-ringed, multi-purpose playing field.

Lake Clarke itself is a visit-worthy gem: Waterfront homes border its gorgeous, palm-lined shores, and the lake’s sapphire water teems with big fish like largemouth bass, butterfly peacock bass and common snook. If you choose to angle, please follow local regulations.


South Florida’s Lake Clarke Shores became northern Florida’s link to fresh pineapples via the vision of resident John Newton Clarke in the early 1900s. Later, with the arrival of a new railroad that could more easily import Cuban pineapples around the region, Clarke abandoned his pineapple fields and focused on another more pleasurable endeavor: fishing for bass on Lake Clarke (named after him, of course) when his other venture — automobiles — wasn’t calling in Pennsylvania. The area was further developed as a residential community starting in the 1940s. Find more Lake Clarke Shores town history >>

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