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Dive & Snorkel Blue Heron Bridge

Dive & Snorkel Blue Heron Bridge

One of the most renowned dive and snorkel sites in The Palm Beaches can be found under Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach. Its famously clear water is full of exotic sea creatures and even statues.

Blue Heron snorkel trail
Courtesy of Pura Vida Divers

The waterway under Blue Heron Bridge is, in a word, legendary. This locale has a world-wide following among divers and snorkelers. The accolades could go on forever — it’s been called the Best Shore Diving in The Americas, Florida’s Exotic Critter Capital and the Muck Diving Capital of the World. Best of all, it’s true. Plan a trip to The Palm Beaches and see it for yourself.

underwater boat
Courtesy of Pura Vida Divers

It’s the Diversity

Never mind an aquarium, this is the real thing. See seahorses, pipefish and octopus (we mean the Atlantic long arm/mimic octopus). Thrown in sea robins, flying gurnards, batfish, frogfish and stargazers. And of course, bridge pilings, small boat wrecks and rocks provide surprises along the way. And even spy manatees grazing and on occasion, sea turtles and dolphins cruising in from Palm Beach Inlet.

3 friends snorkeling at Blue Heron Bridge
Courtesy of Pura Vida Divers

Dive In

The jumping-off point is Phil Foster Park, located under Blue Heron Bridge. Divers can walk in from the shoreline and start exploring. Snorkelers can take off from the swimming area to do the Snorkel Trail. The depth around Blue Heron Bridge goes from 4 feet at the entry point out to 20 feet near the boat wrecks. The Snorkel Trail ranges from 10 to 15 feet. Phil Foster is also a terrific spot to do watersports in The Palm Beaches or relax on the small beach.

Star fish
Courtesy of Pura Vida Divers

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Dive & Snorkel Blue Heron Bridge

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