May 1, 2022
May 31, 2022

MOSAIC - Month of Show, Arts, Ideas & Culture

Reconnect with culture you’ve been missing, during MOSAIC in The Palm Beaches—a month-long celebration of shows, art, ideas and culture. The month of May in Florida’s Cultural Capital® is all about more. 


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More for Less 

The month of May in Florida’s Cultural Capital® is all about more. More daylight to explore grand gardens and nature trails. More chances to see unforgettable live shows. And more ways to meet wild creatures or help save them. This isn’t just the perfect time to see more culture for less. It’s the perfect time for more wow moments. More oohs & ahhhs. More standing ovations. And more discoveries. Experience all the culture your heart desires under the sun. Experience more during MOSAIC in The Palm Beaches.


Artwork "Colors of Home"

The beautiful 2022 MOSAIC artwork was created by Sam Nagel Eggert. Known for her use of vibrant, intense colors, Sam Nagel Eggert is a South Florida native whose hometown of ocean and intricate waterways has influenced her work over the last 15 years. Always enveloped by a bright and tropical locale, Sam’s paintings often reflect a lush marine environment with a painting style that delivers a lively appeal. Her work spans murals, public art projects, live festivals and event painting as well as home decor. Her designs have been used for T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Hallmark Store and Lowe’s.

MOSAIC Artwork 2022


Visit the MOSAIC Website for More Information. Start planning your art-filled escape with enticing hotel packages and special offers for every budget. 

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