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What is the Lake Worth Lagoon?

What is the Lake Worth Lagoon?

Lake Worth Lagoon is no ordinary lagoon. With a history dating back to the mid-1800s, the Lagoon provides habitat for incredible marine life, touches 13 cities, and is an eco-marvel honored through LagoonFest.

There’s a reason we have LagoonFest. Drive or walk over our coastal barrier islands via bridges from cities like North Palm BeachWest Palm Beach, or Lake Worth – and before you reach our Atlantic Ocean beaches, look out toward the waters surrounding the bridges … that beautiful waterway is Lake Worth Lagoon. Running 20 miles in length, the Lagoon is a picture-perfect backdrop for protected natural areas, parks, walkways, bike path, marinas, historic mansions, and waterfront cities.
Made for Fun
In Lake Worth Lagoon, dive one of the most sought-after places in the world, right under Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach. Or sail on a pleasure cruise, slowing drifting by the mansions of Palm Beach and the skyline of West Palm Beach. If you’re into golf, sink a birdie on a waterside course in Lake Worth. And better yet, have a tropical libation while sitting back in a waterfront restaurant in Boynton Beach. Just about anywhere you go on the Lagoon, feel free to kayak, canoe, fish, birdwatch, and relax. LagoonFest is the ideal event to discover more things to do throughout this enjoyable waterway.
Urban Estuary
Lake Worth Lagoon is a valuable urban estuary for The Palm Beaches. Not just because of its appealing charm, this is one incredible habitat. Two permanent, man-made inlets – the Lake Worth Inlet and the South Lake Worth Inlet – make it possible for saltwater to mix with freshwater from canals. This creates a fine environment for marine life to thrive: seagrass, mangroves, sea turtles, oyster reefs, wading birds, crabs, more than 250 fish species and, of course, exotic creatures coming in from the ocean.
Shoreline to 13 Cities
The Palm Beaches are made up of 39 distinct cities and towns, and Lake Worth Lagoon forms the shoreline for 13 of them: North Palm Beach, Lake Park, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Shores, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, South Palm Beach, Hypoluxo, Manalapan, Boynton Beach, and Ocean Ridge.
Saving Lake Worth Lagoon
Human activities over the past 100 years have created many challenges in Lake Worth Lagoon. Ongoing restoration is creating place for both outdoor delights and keeping things beautiful. Multiple government agencies, including Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management, and various civic groups have joined together as the Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative

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